30 January 2014

Updates + Under the Cut: Mashed Potatoes w/ Garlic Butter and Ham recipe

Hello hello! I hope your week has been great so far. Mine has been lovely (and busy!) and I have a backlog of emails, entries, and essays to write. (Alliteration!) I can't wait for next week to pass so I'll finally have some time to myself to do some good ol' R&R. I've been away from nature for far too long! I am currently cooking spicy tofu soup and my hands smell like shitake mushrooms. I love the smell of shitake mushrooms, mm. On Sunday Jw and I were downtown and we saw a Jindo dog! (not to be confused with a Shiba Inu, hahaha). Jw has had 4 of them, but those dogs aren't really easy to find outside Korea so it was my first time seeing one. It was a red jindo puppy! It was so quiet and so disinterested in almost everything and everyone around him. When we first decided that we wanted a dog, he suggested getting a Jindo but they're sort of like wolf dogs and still have really primitive instincts, so you really need to be experienced with dogs. It wouldn't really be ideal at this point of time. So we decided on a cogri / lab / shelter dog instead. I don't know what we'll get yet, but I'm excited to find out!! Guess it's just me and the waiting game now :( Jw told me that his jindos were sooo protective and loyal, that one of his puppies went missing and found her way home six months later. Another one would try and attack guests who stepped into his house without ringing the doorbell or getting "permission" from his mom to enter the house. So yes, a jindo requires lots of time and training... maybe we won't get one now. But perhaps one day we will ^__^ that's something to look forward to.
Anyhoo, moving on~ Food stills from this week:
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^^^ JW and I had Korean food at Suga Sushi in the UBC village that day (Hahaha, convenient). After 8 they have a '5 dishes for $25' offer so we always go then. They have the offer for lunch as well, but I'm not really sure what the timing is like. You get to mix and match Japanese food (don't recommend it) with Korean food. We usually stick with just Korean everything. The bibimbap / albap is great, but they use a lot of MSG in their chicken and soup, so you have been warned!
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^^^^ We started doing this thing where we planned our meals and look for recipes / modified them, and cooked them together. Like a little ~kitchen date~ hahaha. I'm pretty sure tons of people do it, but it's always more fun when you cook together. This one was 5 minute steak. Thank you Gordon Ramsay. Watch here and feel hungry.
2014-01-27 06.28.23 1
^^^ Found a stuffed pug at the self checkout machine at the grocery store. Took a stealthy selfie but I noticed a guy in the line giving me an exasperated look (mostly because the line was long). Oops, sorry!
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^^^ Now it's my turn to pay the packed lunch favour back! I made onigiri and gave him a pepero pack. Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
^^^ And one another day I made him a tuna and egg mayo sandwich. It's easy, and tuna + egg mayo make a good combo, surprisingly. Here you see cooked tuna + egg may + pickles. Sometimes I want to be healthy, so I put romane lettuce in but we're happier with pickles ^___^
Packed lunches are fun! When I was little I used to look forward to opening my lunchbox because my mom got me ones with Sanrio characters on them. I wasn't excited about what was inside, I was just excited about touching the lunchbox (hahaha). Most of the time I got a sandwich and I'd trade with this girl in my class who had salted peanuts all the time. Under the cut: Garlic Mash with Ham

21 January 2014

JW Cooks: Easy Spam Fried Rice (Recipe)

This installment of recipes will be named **JW COOKS** because they're all his recipes. Unfortunately he doesn't run a blog because he doesn't know how to work anything that isn't Facebook. So it's all me me me me me mine! Here we go.

 Jw has started packing me lunch the past few days. I have no idea why he's being so nice and I don't know what he's nice but if it's food I'll accept it. It's great because i'm saving the environment one lunch pack at a time... and I don't have reason to head home in between breaks which means I end up going for all my classes. It has only been three lunches but I'm terribly happy and I love them all ~ so far I've had:

^^^ Rice in Tofu Skin and a bonus Pocky pack ^^^^

^^^ The best ham & cheese sandwich ever!!! (and i'm really not saying it's the best eve because my boyfriend made it for me. that sammich was good good good) ^^  

 ^^^ SPAM FRIED RICE ^^^^ Under the cut: Spam fried rice recipe

15 January 2014

Korean Makeup Haul (Part 1: W2beauty and a tale about my eyebrows.)

This post is going to be fairly exciting to write, I'm buzzing in my seat. My cosmetics from Korea arrived today!!! I like getting things in the mail. I also like makeup. Put the two together and............. BAM!!! I overslept classes but their arrival was the best wake up call. I think the reason why I'm so excited is because I'm a sucker for packaging and everything is too darn cute! Jw always tells me that his mom offers to send me cosmetics from Korea, but I always feel too shy/bad to take on her offer... but I am filled with regret now. HOW did I not know how much joy Korean cosmetics could bring me? I am LOVEEEE with practically everything I've tried so far. I am never this excited with ELF and my Sephora purchases. Probably because their packaging is meh.

Okay, before I go on about my stuff I'm going to tell you about W2Beauty.com, the website I made my purchase from. It's based in Korea and it's run by a girl named Alice. Alice is the sweetest thing ever. I got a ton of samples from her, and when I first made my order, she sent me an email thanking me and also telling me that my package would probably be delayed because it was the holiday season (this was on 27th december) so it was going to be hard to get my items. I responded telling her it was alright, and if possible, could she send me more Banila Co samples? (Because Banila co is totally cute and my goal is to own everything by them.) And she was like yes, okay, but she said it in a very cute way. So on January 6th my order hadn't been shipped yet, so I sent her an email enquiring about my order, in case it had been forgotten. She replied and told me that it was because one item I ordered was out of stock everywhere, and that I could expect my order to be shipped out in ~2 days. Two hours later, I received an email telling me my order was shipped. It turns out she went out of the city center (i'm assuming out of Seoul, i dunno) to get that one little eyeliner pen from Etude House for me. YEAH. I felt soooo bad, and she even apologised some more and told me she would give me more samples (yay!) for the late delivery. Can you say WOW? And she delivered – she gave me my banila co samples along with other samples. She also put in one hard candy (haha) and a box of cotton pads, which was perfect because i ran out and was going to get some today. So yes, in short, she's awesome and i am a VERY happy camper. I feel like she deserves recognition (more customers?) for her efforts so buy from her: http://w2beauty.com :D :D ANDDDD WITHOUT FURTHER ADOOOOO

^^^^ Banila Co Tea Party Foam Cleanser / Etude House Goodbye Porever Primer / Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner / The Face Shop Jeju Facial Mist
^^ Tony Moly Crystal Light Gold Beam / Skin Food Vita Water Drop CC Cream / Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB Cream
IMG_0432 ^^^ Etude House Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara / Tony Moly Party Lover Colouring Browcara / Shara Shara Petit Friend Lip Crayon / Saemmul Lip Crayon
^^^ Etude House Dear Girls Big Eye Maker / Cute Eye Maker / Blush Brush (haha) / Tony Moly Crystal Blusher / A'pieu Monoshadow
This is the first time I'm trying Korean cosmetics out but I'm already preeetty pleased with the results. I've tried Laneige's Water Bank range previously but that was when they were first brought into Singapore with only one counter, so
I never bothered going back it was inconvenient to get more. Jw just walked in to ask if I liked it. I said yes. He said "well obviously, its Korean." Eh. These are what I've tried so far: IMG_0442 I know it has only been a day (so perhaps the tea party cleanser and wonder pore freshner should be excluded from this first), but the results from what I've used have been P E R F E C T!!!! Maybe it's like, a placebo effect. Maybe it isn't. My most favourite out of the lot has to be the Tony Moly Browcara. I have my eyebrows embroidered but I always try filling them in, because it's fading off, and I have to go back to Singapore to get them touched up. I end up looking like an angry japanese cartoon after I fill them in, be it with powder or pencil. The reason why they're so dark is simple: they're basically tattooed, so going over them will make them darker!! It's very rare that I go out with perfect, not-so-dark-coloured eyebrows. And today I used the browcara and my eyebrows were PERFECT. The browcara made it thick and tinted so i didn't have to worry about filling them in! H A P P Y A S A L A R K The last time I went out with perfect eyebrows, I spent 30 minutes on them. It went like this:
  1. Fill in brows with Anastasia Brow Genius Kit (I have the shade in medium brown, the lighter shade btw).
  2. Realise it's too dark. Pat foundation over.
  3. Somehow, this method of lightening your eyebrows works for other girls, but not me. Brow powder has smudged. There is a gray ring around my eyebrows. Two caterpillars have control of my forehead.
  4. Wipe the gray areas away with a Q-tip. Pat more foundation over, so that eyebrows look light gray.
  5. Pencil them in with Maybelline Define-A-Brow.
  6. Eyebrows are dark, but look beautifully arched!!! Try to keep the shape. Pat BB cream over.
  7. Eyebrows look patchy.
  8. Sigh. Think of 3498576 ways to salvage my brows and look decent for Classics class, because I have no idea why it's important. Maybe because it's a small-sized class so I think that great brows will get me noticed and I will somehow end up with 20/20 for participation.
  9. Use eyeshadow (Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes liner shadow) to draw my brows on. They are perfect. Go for class. Jw sees them and says "today your eyebrows look nice".
That story is very true. It happened two days ago. Wow, I think that is enough word vomit for one night. In short: W2Beauty = good. Korean makeup = good. Nice eyebrows = good. I'll put Part 2 of my haul up (more babbling about products and how they ~*change my life*~) when everything has been tried and tested. See you!

11 January 2014

The best grilled cheese sandwich you will ever eat


Sometime last week I discovered that the key to making anything cheesy, is cheddar cheese. Cheddar is the BEST. WHY IS IT THE BEST???
  • It is easy to get. Like, you can find it in any store.
  • It tastes good on grilled cheese sandwiches
  • The best (and by best i mean guilty cheesy cheesy cheese) macaroni and cheese comes from a blend of cheddar, and half & half.
  • Yesterday, we asked for a blend of mozza and cheddar on our pizza and it was heavenly. The only other topping on it was jalapeƱo. What I would do to have that pizza again. Yum.
  • Cheddar just tastes good, okay?
and now..... the best cheese sandwich you will ever eat!
  You need:
  • Bread
  • 1 slice of cheddar for each slice of bread
  • Butter. Lots of butter. 
  • Chopped white or cremini mushrooms. Again, you decide how much you want! I use 3 mushrooms per slice of bread.
  • Heat the butter up in the frying pan.
  • Toss the mushrooms in and fry them in the butter.
  • When the mushrooms are just cooked, and the butter has completely melted, use a spoon to scoop just the melted butter out, and drizzle (or spread) it on one side of the bread.
  • Put the cheddar on the buttered side.
  • Top with the mushrooms.
  • Pop your toast in the oven, open-faced, set at 230 C / 450 F for 8 minutes.
I can't really think of any notes for a grilled cheese sandwich, so I hope everyone loves it as much as I do! Jw loves it and we end up dividing the burnt / melted cheese equally, no matter how small it is, every time. Right now, Cooking Mama 4 has finished its installation on my DS so i'm off to be the cook I was born to be!! I'll be back with a '52 Lists' post soon.