11 January 2014

The best grilled cheese sandwich you will ever eat


Sometime last week I discovered that the key to making anything cheesy, is cheddar cheese. Cheddar is the BEST. WHY IS IT THE BEST???
  • It is easy to get. Like, you can find it in any store.
  • It tastes good on grilled cheese sandwiches
  • The best (and by best i mean guilty cheesy cheesy cheese) macaroni and cheese comes from a blend of cheddar, and half & half.
  • Yesterday, we asked for a blend of mozza and cheddar on our pizza and it was heavenly. The only other topping on it was jalapeƱo. What I would do to have that pizza again. Yum.
  • Cheddar just tastes good, okay?
and now..... the best cheese sandwich you will ever eat!
  You need:
  • Bread
  • 1 slice of cheddar for each slice of bread
  • Butter. Lots of butter. 
  • Chopped white or cremini mushrooms. Again, you decide how much you want! I use 3 mushrooms per slice of bread.
  • Heat the butter up in the frying pan.
  • Toss the mushrooms in and fry them in the butter.
  • When the mushrooms are just cooked, and the butter has completely melted, use a spoon to scoop just the melted butter out, and drizzle (or spread) it on one side of the bread.
  • Put the cheddar on the buttered side.
  • Top with the mushrooms.
  • Pop your toast in the oven, open-faced, set at 230 C / 450 F for 8 minutes.
I can't really think of any notes for a grilled cheese sandwich, so I hope everyone loves it as much as I do! Jw loves it and we end up dividing the burnt / melted cheese equally, no matter how small it is, every time. Right now, Cooking Mama 4 has finished its installation on my DS so i'm off to be the cook I was born to be!! I'll be back with a '52 Lists' post soon.

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