30 January 2014

Updates + Under the Cut: Mashed Potatoes w/ Garlic Butter and Ham recipe

Hello hello! I hope your week has been great so far. Mine has been lovely (and busy!) and I have a backlog of emails, entries, and essays to write. (Alliteration!) I can't wait for next week to pass so I'll finally have some time to myself to do some good ol' R&R. I've been away from nature for far too long! I am currently cooking spicy tofu soup and my hands smell like shitake mushrooms. I love the smell of shitake mushrooms, mm. On Sunday Jw and I were downtown and we saw a Jindo dog! (not to be confused with a Shiba Inu, hahaha). Jw has had 4 of them, but those dogs aren't really easy to find outside Korea so it was my first time seeing one. It was a red jindo puppy! It was so quiet and so disinterested in almost everything and everyone around him. When we first decided that we wanted a dog, he suggested getting a Jindo but they're sort of like wolf dogs and still have really primitive instincts, so you really need to be experienced with dogs. It wouldn't really be ideal at this point of time. So we decided on a cogri / lab / shelter dog instead. I don't know what we'll get yet, but I'm excited to find out!! Guess it's just me and the waiting game now :( Jw told me that his jindos were sooo protective and loyal, that one of his puppies went missing and found her way home six months later. Another one would try and attack guests who stepped into his house without ringing the doorbell or getting "permission" from his mom to enter the house. So yes, a jindo requires lots of time and training... maybe we won't get one now. But perhaps one day we will ^__^ that's something to look forward to.
Anyhoo, moving on~ Food stills from this week:
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^^^ JW and I had Korean food at Suga Sushi in the UBC village that day (Hahaha, convenient). After 8 they have a '5 dishes for $25' offer so we always go then. They have the offer for lunch as well, but I'm not really sure what the timing is like. You get to mix and match Japanese food (don't recommend it) with Korean food. We usually stick with just Korean everything. The bibimbap / albap is great, but they use a lot of MSG in their chicken and soup, so you have been warned!
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^^^^ We started doing this thing where we planned our meals and look for recipes / modified them, and cooked them together. Like a little ~kitchen date~ hahaha. I'm pretty sure tons of people do it, but it's always more fun when you cook together. This one was 5 minute steak. Thank you Gordon Ramsay. Watch here and feel hungry.
2014-01-27 06.28.23 1
^^^ Found a stuffed pug at the self checkout machine at the grocery store. Took a stealthy selfie but I noticed a guy in the line giving me an exasperated look (mostly because the line was long). Oops, sorry!
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^^^ Now it's my turn to pay the packed lunch favour back! I made onigiri and gave him a pepero pack. Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
^^^ And one another day I made him a tuna and egg mayo sandwich. It's easy, and tuna + egg mayo make a good combo, surprisingly. Here you see cooked tuna + egg may + pickles. Sometimes I want to be healthy, so I put romane lettuce in but we're happier with pickles ^___^
Packed lunches are fun! When I was little I used to look forward to opening my lunchbox because my mom got me ones with Sanrio characters on them. I wasn't excited about what was inside, I was just excited about touching the lunchbox (hahaha). Most of the time I got a sandwich and I'd trade with this girl in my class who had salted peanuts all the time. Under the cut: Garlic Mash with Ham
Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset Yesterday, I felt like eating many things. Three of which were a ham sandwich, mac n cheese, and mashed potatoes. I don't know how it happened, but my genius little mind (!!) remembered some sort of mash with ham and corn I had in a little cafe long time ago, and decided to combine everything together. Sort of. Also because preparing one meal is so much easier than preparing three. The results were well. Decent. Like I know in the future I'll add more butter in for sure, and maybe invest in a masher puree thing... I mashed everything with a fork this time round. Anyway. I liked it so much that I made it again today with Yukon Gold potatoes, and then I tried it another time with a mix of Russet and Yukons. I personally prefer the Russet / Yukon mix, and Jw finds it weird, but to each is own! I've listed russet potatoes in the recipe here. I added Parmesan and Panko because that's what is usually found in crispy Mac & Cheese. The Panko doesn't really affect the taste and you can do without it if you don't really like it. The ham's there because I wanted a ham sandwich (haha) and put it all on a baguette because... well I don't know. The baguette and the mash went really well together though, but again it's optional because mash is really filling anyway.

 Mashed Potatoes with Ham and Garlic Butter Serves 2 Ingredients
  • 2 Russet Potatoes, skinned
  • 2 Tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese
  • 100g garlic butter, melted
  • 50g butter, melted
  • 2 slices of ham, chopped into tiny pieces
  • 2-4 Tablespoons of Panko (depending on how crunchy you want it to be), optional
  • A baguette, sliced (optional)
  • In a pot, combine water with a pinch of salt. Boil potatoes
  • After about 15 minutes, or when potatoes are soft, drain the water and put the potatoes back into the pot.
  • Mash the potatoes.
  • Add in butter, and mash some more
  • Add in the garlic butter. Mash it allll up.
  • Add in the parmesan cheese, and mix
  • Add in the ham, mix.
  • Add in Panko, mix, scoop some out and put it on a baguette slice... and you're good to go!

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