21 February 2014

#100happydays day 4, 5 and 6: Mama Lee's Vancouver, David's Tea, Vancity love

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^^^ 100happydays: Day 4 –– I was feeling really sad on Monday because I had to cancel my flight to Seoul... so Jw brought me out for Singaporean food. We went to Mamalee's on Macdonald. Their food tasted sooooo much better than Banana Leaf. It was AUTHENTIC! We waited ages for a seat but it was so worth it! I found the chicken rice a little too salty for my liking but everything else was so good!! Apart from the chicken rice we ordered nasi lemak, laksa, and grass jelly (and they were PERFECT). Jw loved the nasi lemak and has grown to like laksa, I'm so proud of him. I brought my friend there this evening and Jw told me to bring laksa home for him. Tropical life just got a little easier for this boy ^^^
I'm still upset about having to skip Korea but there are tons of other places for me to visit anyway. I know I shouldn't be this disappointed... and we have other plans so that's good I suppose!

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^^^100happydays day 5: More Davids Tea!! I picked more flavours up when I was in pacific centre the other day. No more words are needed.^^^

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^^^FLAVOURS: Guava Cadabra, Cream Caramel Roobibos, Long life Oolong. I smelled the guava and bought some because it reminded me of home, but my favourite has got to be the cream caramel roobibos. Long life oolong is nice and peachy, but I think I drank too much of it the other day because my hands and feet started getting reaaaallly sweaty and I got really, really anxious. ^^^

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^^ Finally made use of the jacuzzi! It felt so good wading about in reaallly hot water on a cold day. I slept so well after. ^^
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^^^ I love this city so much, it will always be special to me. ^^

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^^^ #100happydays: Day 6 –– Found out that the mountain facing our apartment was Cypress mountain, and not Whistler (in Jw's words: "why the fuck would Whistler be this close to us? We would go there every day if we could".) Anyway, the other day the mountain was literally glowing, it was sooo beautiful.I just felt.. happy looking at it. Vancouver is really just such a beautiful place and I say it all the time but I don't think anyone knows how in love I am with it. Anyway, I went to pee and get my phone, and when I looked at it again, dusk was here and this was the best shot I could get. I'd love to have it happen again. ^^^^

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