10 February 2014

Vancouver-heavy: David's Tea, Granville Island, great macarons, Benny's Bagels.

I'm back after an intense week! I've been unintentionally neglecting this space but I've got tons of things to do and I've found tons of places / things to do in Vancouver over the past few weeks!! Spring break's next week so I hope I get to do lots of them and then maybe write something about what to do in this fine city. You know, for tourists or something. Heh. As for this week... pictures will do the talking:

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^^^^^ It's midterm season so I got a ton of snacks from Jw. He also bought me a coffee machine. (I have been happily ingesting 93845639586 glasses of sugar every day as a result). Sweet!

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^^^ Went to Banana Leaf on Macdonald to celebrate Chinese New Year our my way. I don't usually feel lonely when I'm away from home on holidays like Christmas, or New years, but I felt a little bit homesick that day. The fact that I wasn't receiving any angpows may have attributed to it. On the eve of it we celebrated it the way Koreans would (which just meant eating a ton of Korean food), and then on the day itself we went for Singaporean / Malaysian food. It was soooo nice to have a taste of home on that day. We had Laksa, Nasi Lemak (which Jw loved, so now we know what he'll be having on a daily basis in Singapore), Satay, Teh Tarik, and Chilli Squid ..*drools*.. now I want to go back again! Kind of. The service was reaaaaallly not good but at least the good food made up for it. I guess we should stick to going to the one on Davie Street instead :) :)

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^^^^ GOT MY BID (formally) ^^^^

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^^PLEDGE NIGHT. Met most, if not all of my sisters and they are such wonderful women, I can't wait to get to know them better!

^^ Banila Co + Etude House have done wonders for my skin I am so happy ^^

^^^ Sold my soul to Davids Tea. Seriously. I don't even drink tea. I've heard lots of good things about Davids Tea from friends, so today I wandered in to their shop and got served a sample ..... and..... started smelling tea leaves.... and I don't know how it happened but I walked out with a bag of tea and I know that I'm going back for more tomorrow ^^^

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^^^ This is just half of the tea they have!!! They have allllll sorts of tea. Peach with apricot. Peach and almond. Mango. Something called Buddha Blend which smells awesome. Korean Tea. Etc. etc. etc. They have a lottt more, but the girls beside me were judging me as I was taking this shot so hahahaha ^^^^

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^^^ Today was Family Day (a public holiday!) and Jw made pancakes~~ I was pleasantly surprised because he usually makes Korean food. Which is obviously yummy and great, but surprises are always good! ^^^

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^^^ MADE SOME NEW FRIENDS ON GRANVILLE ISLAND. Fun fact: Did you know that birds are feathered dinosaurs? Google it!

I got macarons from Stuart's Bakery in the Farmers Market on Granville Island. They are seriously. the. best. TWG can step aside. I don't even know how to describe how they taste like, they're just H E A V E N L Y. Brought a box back home for Jw and he liked everything except for the Rose / Raspberry flavoured ones (which I love...yayyy leftovers).

I haven't been to Granville Island in ages :( I should start going there more often. The food there is great. My favourite is Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe. I would have liked to have lunch there today but I was a #bitchonabudget.. another time then.
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^^^ Had brunch at Benny's Bagels, also on Macdonald. It's a super awesome place with a fireplace and wood e v e r y w h e r e. It even had a second floor (for some reason, cafe's with second floors make me excited :D :D) but it was a little crowded today, so we had to share a table. Maybe because today was a public holiday. Nonetheless the bagels was good and I had a Lox on Honeywheat bagel. Smoked salmon makes me so happy! I don't remember what my friend had but I know she had lots of cheese and bacon (and it looked really good as well).

Well that's about everyyyyything. I have an essay on ancient Greek philosophy that is just DYING to be written... not. Until then, have a happy week!

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