30 March 2014

#100happydays: day 23 - , Formal, more makeup, learning how to be a girl

Hi guys! My formal was last night and today I have a paper to write, but whenever that happens I feel like I have to do 93484376 things instead, so here I am. Writing. I'll format this post in such a way that the #100happydays basically explain my week.. or whatever's happening,
#100happydays day 23 - Jw bought me Jap last week because our horrible B.C. Sushi experience did not satisfy his craving for sushi (and mine for tempura!!!). It wasn't fancy or anything, in fact it was right across our place but we had so much fun not talking and having to think about deadlines and schoolwork for once. And because I **FINALLY** got soba. So that made me happy. This place is One More Sushi in the UBC village which is the priciest (student living, amirite??) among the three sushi places in the village, but late last week a new one in the food court opened up and it's the cleanest and the cheapest. Plus they've been giving out samples so that's great :) I have no idea what it's called but it's bright and their name starts with M... if that helps?

Day 24 – MARMITE!! Mom sends me pictures of him all the time but I love this because this is exactly where I want to be right now, back home on that chair, under the parasol with an abundance of milk tea and bak chor mee and reading my books. Also Marmite makes me happy, it's just sad that he hates everyone. Why do you have so much hate in you, Marmite? Because he's a cat is why.

Day 25: CARAMEL SPREAD!! I've been looking for Lotus Caramel Spread here in Vancouver, but to no avail. I found this in Safeway and while it tastes nothing like Lotus biscuits, spooning this into my mouth has been kind of great. Except sometimes I go overboard and I die of sweetness overkill. But the reason why this makes me happy is ... because the day that we went grocery shopping, Jw and I found a ton of coins at home and brought them to Safeway to put them into the coin machine there, and get a cash value voucher in exchange. The last time we did that, we got like 17 dollars, and the coins felt so much heavier at that time as well. We did that this time, and ended up with 40 dollars worth of coins! So we got a 40 dollar voucher. Which meant we could! buy! anything! Sort of. We spent our time filling our cart with things we normally wouldn't get, like Happy Planet Soup (my favourites are the Chilliwack Brocolli and the [not so] Thai Coconut soup) and that caramel spread (because it really doesn't go well with bread). I think we also pissed a lot of people off because whenever I was picking up a cheaper alternative to whatever product we were getting, Jw would jokingly go "get (the most expensive one!) we're so rich today".. and naturally, being in Vancouver, and with the whole cancellation of the wealthy immigrant government plan in the news, we got a lottt of stares. Whoops. We're really just poor students in real life guys, no need for dirty looks.

Photo on 2014-03-28 at 4.18 PM
Day 26: Spent the afternoon in the CR writing my essay. Got zero words down, so basically this means just Reddit and Facebook and stuff. Nobody knew it but my hair had been unwashed for two days and apart from filling in my eyebrows I wasn't wearing any make up. Anyway I realised this as I was mid way through "writing my essay" and I felt really good that I managed to find a group of people I feel really comfortable around.

Day 27: Jw and I just took a day off from **everything** to just hang out properly and it was great. We finally caught the Grand Budapest Hotel, and I think it goes without saying that anything by Wes Anderson is perfect (my favourite is Steve Zissou). I wish I was a character in one of his movies.

Day 28: The day before formal! I did my hair and makeup this time round, i think i looked so much better than when I got them done for prom. (then again, that was three years ago and I was a terrible child then). Some of the products I used:
Tony Moly Mask sheet
Japanese **PANDA** (because AOII, right?) eyebag mask,
Sation nail laquer in Love at First Byte (not great)
Etude House Eyes Cream
Then I really disliked my nails so I painted them in Essie's Master Plan! I love the colour of it.

  and.... my face of the night:

Day 29: FORMAL!! Pictures haven't been uploaded yet so here's my face for the night. Tried to use falsies but they just wouldn't stick on properly so I gave up. I shaped my own brows, straightened my own hair (i was gonna go with curls but i couldn't master than either)... anyway this is one of the few selfies I took because I am a #narsissist (get it? Nars? Narcissist? No? .. it's their official hashtag) Jw taught me all I needed to know. Like how to straighten my hair. I will never forget the look he had on his face when he first saw me trying to do it by myself, hahahah Also, I tried out contouring but I don't really think it worked because my nose and jawline look the same.
All in all, it was great learning to be a girl and doing girly things the few days leading up to it, like getting the right pair of shoes, freaking out about my dress because the first one didn't arrive, paying a buttload of taxes for it, learning how to draw my brows on PROPERLY (seriously though I'm still getting them retattooed on when I'm in Singapore), trying to pop a stye, going suit shopping with my boyfriend, picking out a tie for him, and... trying my very best not to eat all the butter I could that night.
Products I used:
Etude House Goodbye Porever Primer
Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB Cream
Urban Decay 247 Concealer
Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in Gold Glamour
Benefit Watts Up (I really love this)

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (Shades used: Naked 2 + Faint)
Tony Moly Gel Liner in Black (top lid)
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil in Jet, smudged out (bottom lid)
Benefit They're Real Mascara (base)
Diorshow Blackout

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit in Medium Brown

M.A.C. Cremestick Lipliner in Beurre
Armani Rouge D'Armani in shade 400

  Hahaha realising that that's a lot of stuff.. but it took me like 45 minutes in total to get ready, minus the hair. .... And I have 150 / 1500 words for this essay. Back to work!

22 March 2014

100happydays: Day 16 – 22, + life

This week, in short:
1. I've recovered from that horrible sinus infection I was talking about in my previous post. I am thankful for that.
2. Unfortunately, taking care of me 24/7 has taken a toll on Jw. He is now the ill one and I have to take care of him.
3. To make matters worse, DEADLINES are never in our favour
4. The first day of spring arrived and it was nice and sunny out.
5. The sakuras here have started blooming, I can't wait until they're in full bloom. It's always a beautiful sight.
6. I've found someone to look after Dumpling for the summer. I'm so happy, I thought I was going to have to leave him with a pet sitter but I'll be leaving him with a friend of ours and she's just awesome and she cares about humanity and animals and I'm so sure that Dumpling's going to be a happy hog.
7. Yesterday we went to B.C. Sushi on West Broadway because we wanted to go for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Worst. Decision. Ever. Everything looked gray (I'm talking about the food, mind you) and everything that could be microwaved was microwaved. So basically, our dinner was: gray sushi, ?uestionable spicy salmon roll, tempura fried in really old oil, microwaved dumplings, microwaved spring rolls, and green tea. The green tea was the best of the lot. We are never going back, ever.
8. I've started playing baseball and I've been getting bruises.. they hurt but THEY MAKE ME! FEEL! ALIVE! It has been ages since I've played a team sport and batting is prettyyyy fun I must say :) And 100 happy days, to make up for my absence:
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^^^^^^ DAY 16:
When I was still ill and housebound I went on a Michael Cera binge one night: Superbad, Juno, Scott Pilgrim, Nick and Norah's Inifnite playlist. I love Ramona Flowers.

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^^^^^^ DAY 17: Then the next day I was well enough to leave the house, so Jw and I got bubble waffles from the Taiwanese restaurant that opened beside us. I had been basically eating puree for two whole weeks, so you can probably imagine how great having real, solid, food (and chocolate flavoured!!) was. I also had bubble tea for the first time in WEEKS.

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^^^^^ And it was also a sunny day out!! So lovely.

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^^^^^^ DAY 18:
Just happy I get to share my life with my best friend :) :)

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^^^ DAY 19:
Found the pair of shoes I was looking for!! When Nike said that they made Tiffany Blue shoes I knew I had to get my hands on a pair. Hee. Now I have like, soooooo much more motivation to get my butt to the gym, and run, and stuff.... ha ha ha. In another life, maybe.

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^^^^^^ DAY 20:
The sunshine lasted for a few days and we even made it to class. I'm surprised. Being in the same classes sometimes is fun because when the prof does a weird thing I get to turn to him and snigger and then we get to laugh about it after.Like that one time a prof assumed I was a communist from Taiwan. Also it means less effort gets put into taking notes because he gets whatever I miss and vice versa.

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^^^^^^ DAY 21:
Initiation!!! It's official!! That's my big behind me being a flower. And she made me that plaque I'm holding. So happy I get to call such an amazing group of women my sisters.

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^^^^ She also made me a badge box!!! With a hedgehog!!! SHE DRAWS ME LOTS OF HEDGEHOGS. I AM HAPPY.
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^^^^ DAY 22:

12 March 2014

#100happydays: Day 11- 15

Hello hello! I have been soooo ill this week. The respiratory infection from the previous post turned into strep throat which then turned into a sinus infection – and I've had to postpone yet another midterm. The pressure around my eye/nose area is UNBEARABLE. The past 5 days I've felt like a watermelon with rubber bands around me, ready to explode any second. Not fun. I got a netti pot yesterday to help with the blockage and while I've still got to learn how to use it properly, the few times I've managed to to do it correctly have felt like heaven. For an hour I am able to breathe through my nose and I do not take advantage of it. I lie in bed smiling because I don't have to blow my nose every minute and I fall asleep in peace. Jw has been sooooo awesome, I think I could just end my 100 happy days challenge here because with him I'll get 1000000000000000000 happy days. He's been sleeping at 6am the past week to make sure my fever doesn't get too high (I get a fever every. damn. night) / there are like a ton of other awesome things that he's been doing that I should learn from him. Ahaha!

Ok but here's #100happydays DAY 11: This morning I blew out the blood/snot clot in my nose that had been stuck in my sinus tubes since saturday. I am so HAPPY that I can breathe just a little better right now. Woohoo!!


^^ DAY 12: HE SAID YES. Also he's kept this rose alive in water the past week (it hasn't dried out yet). Makes me go aWWwwWWw every time Iook at it and realise he's trying to keep the rose (he always grumbles when I try to keep the flowers he gives me. His words: "why can't you throw them away???" ^^


^^ DAY 13 – Been house bound for a week so imagine my happiness when these came yesterday!! More korean stuff. Time to learn how to use FALSIES ~ Tony Moly gel eyeliner is perfect. I love it. The end. ^^


^^ DAY 14: I don't know why I can't rotate this picture but I got pineapple tarts like the ones in Singapore so it's awesome. They have the taiwanese kind here and it's weird and not crumbly so having this was definitely one of the better things this week... I couldn't really taste it but I could feel it melting in my mouth and that's enough for me ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset ^^

DAY 15 –
My eyes have been hurting so much / my eyebags have swelled up so much from the sinus pressure. This came with my haul as well and it is a miracle. Etude House Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist. It is awesome. ^^ ... Well that's all I've got for this week, as you can tell, nothing eventful really happened. I hope i get better soon though! There are a ton of things i'd like to do and I'd like to surprise jw with a getaway this weekend if I can. Tofino looks wonderful.

4 March 2014

My week + Korean makeup haul part 2: skin food vita water drop CC cream review

It has been long. Too long.

I've just gone through hell week: I got another respiratory infection (i don't know how i've been getting them, it starts off with a cold and gets progressively worse) so all my midterms and essay deadlines from last week got pushed forward. Then it snowed, so I got no work done, and Jw and I started a new project so I've been buzzing around writing faqs about policies and stuff like that. I've been so exhausted (i say this in every post) so I'm glad that I have a day or two off before my crazy schedule kicks off again. Here are pictures from the past two weeks, everything seems like a blur so I hope I remember everything! My #100daysofhappiness challenge is still going on.... like there are so many things I've been terribly happy about, some of them I don't have pictures for, such as:

Day 7
: I got my big last week! In a sorority, a big is someone who is kind of a big sister and does big sisterly things like look out for you and guide you and stuff. Big Little reveal was super fun and every little got an outfit from their big and when we finally got our bigs they were wearing something that matched the outfit: Ie i got Robin and my big was Batman. So yes, very fun.

Day 8: I wrote an essay in two hours and got an A on it. I'm bragging because I had no clue what I was talking about so it came as a pleasant surprise :)
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^^ Day 9: New York Fries (seriously the lack of proper cheese fries here *and i don't mean poutine* is appalling)
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^^ Day 10: There was a snowstorm last weekend so Jw and I dismantled an Ikea chair at home so we could use it as a sled. I have never tried it before because it doesn't snow in Singapore, obviously so it was pretty fun. The snow got into my boots and hair but it was sooo worth it seeing how we were laughing the whole time. Solid olympic gold!
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^^ Started off with a bunny slope ^^
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^^ Before the snow weekend we headed downtown and watched this guy juggle a chainsaw and knives. In his words: "This is what happens when you get a degree in philosophy". He was really funny, so if anyone spots him around Robson Square you should stay and watch!
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^^ People helping him out ^^
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^^ MADE BIBIMBAP WITH JW (it's really simple so it's not really an accomplishment but I do love my bibimbap)^^
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^^ Open mic night!! My big organized most of it and it was so good hearing everyone play!

Now that that's over with, here is something that is long overdue: Part 2 of my korean makeup haul! CC CREAM because BB cream is old news.
This one is on Skinfood's Vita Water Drop CC Cream: 201310253643789
Source: testerkorea.com
Left: D2 (Shy water) Right: D1 (Smile water) Some people say D2 is meant for more reddish skin, while D1 is made for paler skin. However, others say both are essentially the same things, just with different packaging. I went with D2 because it's cuter. My skintone is usually medium, and my face isn't reddish at all. The formula doesn't seem like it's made for reddish skin (see below).
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^^ The size of the bottle. It comes with a pump so it makes squeezing it out a lot easier (not too much and not too little!) Also I love love love the water drop hehehe it's so cute
^^ The coverage is sheer and it doesn't really work as coverage, but it does give your skin a dewy look if you use just the right amount, too much and you look a little pasty. The good thing about this being sheer is that it's never obvious that you're wearing CC cream I guess. I find this CC cream does it's job with colour correcting, but it makes your skin feel a little sticky / oily after. For $18 CAD this is pretty worth it :) if you're looking for something that's suitable for everyday use and nothing too coverage-heavy, I'd say go for it!! However, if you want something with better coverage / the~ flawless~ skin effect, perhaps you may want to look into Banila Co's It Radient CC Melting Pact. That one requires a sponge but it's coverage is awesome! I've been living off samples for that one but on my next spree I'm going to order it for sure :)
On a very happy note, haul 2 is on it's way and I can't wait to try everything out! It's a small haul but who doesn't love getting things in the mail? And samples/ Samples / SAMPLES