12 March 2014

#100happydays: Day 11- 15

Hello hello! I have been soooo ill this week. The respiratory infection from the previous post turned into strep throat which then turned into a sinus infection – and I've had to postpone yet another midterm. The pressure around my eye/nose area is UNBEARABLE. The past 5 days I've felt like a watermelon with rubber bands around me, ready to explode any second. Not fun. I got a netti pot yesterday to help with the blockage and while I've still got to learn how to use it properly, the few times I've managed to to do it correctly have felt like heaven. For an hour I am able to breathe through my nose and I do not take advantage of it. I lie in bed smiling because I don't have to blow my nose every minute and I fall asleep in peace. Jw has been sooooo awesome, I think I could just end my 100 happy days challenge here because with him I'll get 1000000000000000000 happy days. He's been sleeping at 6am the past week to make sure my fever doesn't get too high (I get a fever every. damn. night) / there are like a ton of other awesome things that he's been doing that I should learn from him. Ahaha!

Ok but here's #100happydays DAY 11: This morning I blew out the blood/snot clot in my nose that had been stuck in my sinus tubes since saturday. I am so HAPPY that I can breathe just a little better right now. Woohoo!!


^^ DAY 12: HE SAID YES. Also he's kept this rose alive in water the past week (it hasn't dried out yet). Makes me go aWWwwWWw every time Iook at it and realise he's trying to keep the rose (he always grumbles when I try to keep the flowers he gives me. His words: "why can't you throw them away???" ^^


^^ DAY 13 – Been house bound for a week so imagine my happiness when these came yesterday!! More korean stuff. Time to learn how to use FALSIES ~ Tony Moly gel eyeliner is perfect. I love it. The end. ^^


^^ DAY 14: I don't know why I can't rotate this picture but I got pineapple tarts like the ones in Singapore so it's awesome. They have the taiwanese kind here and it's weird and not crumbly so having this was definitely one of the better things this week... I couldn't really taste it but I could feel it melting in my mouth and that's enough for me ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset ^^

DAY 15 –
My eyes have been hurting so much / my eyebags have swelled up so much from the sinus pressure. This came with my haul as well and it is a miracle. Etude House Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist. It is awesome. ^^ ... Well that's all I've got for this week, as you can tell, nothing eventful really happened. I hope i get better soon though! There are a ton of things i'd like to do and I'd like to surprise jw with a getaway this weekend if I can. Tofino looks wonderful.

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