4 March 2014

My week + Korean makeup haul part 2: skin food vita water drop CC cream review

It has been long. Too long.

I've just gone through hell week: I got another respiratory infection (i don't know how i've been getting them, it starts off with a cold and gets progressively worse) so all my midterms and essay deadlines from last week got pushed forward. Then it snowed, so I got no work done, and Jw and I started a new project so I've been buzzing around writing faqs about policies and stuff like that. I've been so exhausted (i say this in every post) so I'm glad that I have a day or two off before my crazy schedule kicks off again. Here are pictures from the past two weeks, everything seems like a blur so I hope I remember everything! My #100daysofhappiness challenge is still going on.... like there are so many things I've been terribly happy about, some of them I don't have pictures for, such as:

Day 7
: I got my big last week! In a sorority, a big is someone who is kind of a big sister and does big sisterly things like look out for you and guide you and stuff. Big Little reveal was super fun and every little got an outfit from their big and when we finally got our bigs they were wearing something that matched the outfit: Ie i got Robin and my big was Batman. So yes, very fun.

Day 8: I wrote an essay in two hours and got an A on it. I'm bragging because I had no clue what I was talking about so it came as a pleasant surprise :)
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^^ Day 9: New York Fries (seriously the lack of proper cheese fries here *and i don't mean poutine* is appalling)
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^^ Day 10: There was a snowstorm last weekend so Jw and I dismantled an Ikea chair at home so we could use it as a sled. I have never tried it before because it doesn't snow in Singapore, obviously so it was pretty fun. The snow got into my boots and hair but it was sooo worth it seeing how we were laughing the whole time. Solid olympic gold!
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^^ Started off with a bunny slope ^^
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^^ Before the snow weekend we headed downtown and watched this guy juggle a chainsaw and knives. In his words: "This is what happens when you get a degree in philosophy". He was really funny, so if anyone spots him around Robson Square you should stay and watch!
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^^ People helping him out ^^
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^^ MADE BIBIMBAP WITH JW (it's really simple so it's not really an accomplishment but I do love my bibimbap)^^
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^^ Open mic night!! My big organized most of it and it was so good hearing everyone play!

Now that that's over with, here is something that is long overdue: Part 2 of my korean makeup haul! CC CREAM because BB cream is old news.
This one is on Skinfood's Vita Water Drop CC Cream: 201310253643789
Source: testerkorea.com
Left: D2 (Shy water) Right: D1 (Smile water) Some people say D2 is meant for more reddish skin, while D1 is made for paler skin. However, others say both are essentially the same things, just with different packaging. I went with D2 because it's cuter. My skintone is usually medium, and my face isn't reddish at all. The formula doesn't seem like it's made for reddish skin (see below).
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^^ The size of the bottle. It comes with a pump so it makes squeezing it out a lot easier (not too much and not too little!) Also I love love love the water drop hehehe it's so cute
^^ The coverage is sheer and it doesn't really work as coverage, but it does give your skin a dewy look if you use just the right amount, too much and you look a little pasty. The good thing about this being sheer is that it's never obvious that you're wearing CC cream I guess. I find this CC cream does it's job with colour correcting, but it makes your skin feel a little sticky / oily after. For $18 CAD this is pretty worth it :) if you're looking for something that's suitable for everyday use and nothing too coverage-heavy, I'd say go for it!! However, if you want something with better coverage / the~ flawless~ skin effect, perhaps you may want to look into Banila Co's It Radient CC Melting Pact. That one requires a sponge but it's coverage is awesome! I've been living off samples for that one but on my next spree I'm going to order it for sure :)
On a very happy note, haul 2 is on it's way and I can't wait to try everything out! It's a small haul but who doesn't love getting things in the mail? And samples/ Samples / SAMPLES

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