7 April 2014

#100happydaysL Day 30-34

Hello! I am so glad that April is flying by. We've had quite the week with our landlord, and moving out has definitely not been easy. It makes me so mad but then again we've just got about 3 weeks left and then we're off, so three weeks of crappy treatment and silly misunderstandings are nothing compared to that. Meep. Ya'll aint raining on my parade. **BRIGHTER** things: 1. It is the last week of my second year at university! It has been such a good year, I feel like I've become more driven in lotsssss of different areas, and I have a clearer goal of the things I want to achieve in life. I also did really grown up stuff, like, I got insurance (!!!)... and my boyfriend taught me how to vacuum.... and I tried cleaning the bathtub but ruined it.... and I handwash all of Dumpling's fleece liners, so my hands are no longer soft.... but yeah. All in all, a very grownup year. I also took super awesome courses this year that were so much less dry compared to my first year courses. Besides my science elective, everything else was just nice and dandy and my love for Asia and politics is growing. Plus I love everything Asia-spiritual now so talk to me about Buddhism, Taoism, Juche (North Korean religion, heh) over coffee or Ceasers (my new favourite drink) or anything really and we will be friends. 2. Jw has just made super awesome kimchi. I think he fried it with sesame oil, sugar and chilli flakes, and added pork to it. I am eating it as I write this post. Mmmmhmm. 3. It's just super sunny out so I feel like this is an incredibly bright thing. 4. I got 25% off my drink at Starbucks today so that counts for something!

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DAY 30: ^^^ MINI PLANTS!! They're called Succulents I think, and they were just adorable to look at. There was an East Van flea going on in the SUB the other day, and I went down with my Big. Everything was vintage and awesome ^^^^ Processed with VSCOcam

DAY 31: ^^^
Jw bought me dinner the other day. We went to The Kitchen on Sasamat which is my most favourite place to get Korean food. They don't use MSG so that's a plus. I loveeee their food. The only thing is that they don't do reservations, and the restaurant is pretty small. I think it seats 25 people at most, but it's definitely really worth it, dishes are about 12-15 dollars, unless you go for the hotpots, which are 30 dollars (but the serving is huge!!!) The Kitchen is on 2620 Sasamat Street. 
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^^^ I got Gamjatang, which is a spicy pork bone soup. LOVED ITTTTT. I ended up bringing the leftovers home (this is definitely something I love about Canada, people actually take their leftovers home) and frying it with rice the next day. Jw and I were happy piggies. He got a spicy squid dish which was squiddy and awesome as well.    

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DAY 32: ^^ got Dumpling nice and clean on Saturday! It's getting warmer out and he gets a little musky in the summer. I'm going to miss my baby so much but I know he'll be in good hands. He doesn't like getting baths so here he is all huffy and hoggy like post bath.

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DAY 33 ^^ I made Kimchi pasta yesterday. It was awesome. Jw went for seconds and thirds. He liked my cooking. That is happiness. Recipe later.

DAY 34: this one has no pictures because it just happened – turns out we're not losing our security deposit and our landlord decided not to charge us for the carpets we ruined... maybe he isn't that mean afterall. I dunno. Also we passed the 'moving out' inspection: which basically just means NO SIGNS OF HEDGEHOG WAS DETECTED. I'll do a post on hiding hedgehogs from landlords next. It took so much effort but it was well worth it. I put Dumpling out in a bag and brought him to the sorority house for a bit. He was not happy and i had a peeing and pooping hedgey for the most part. But my sisters were happy (i think) so that's a good thing! Sam got some pictures and here is one of them:

That was my week for the most part, I am so excited for tomorrow and then I'll be busy for a while because of finals, so I may not be updating as much! Plus I have to put everything I own into boxes so that's going to be a challenge. Until next time!

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