26 April 2014

Empty nest syndrome ft. Dumpling the Hog

My sister just picked Dumpling up from our place. I miss him already. He's a tiny creature but the house feels quieter without him. Yesterday we were packing up, and Jw said, "can you believe we're doing this? We've had so much fun here the past two years". Dumpling has been here since (very nearly) the beginning. On the bright side my sister and her sister love him to death, and that's good that he will be well taken care of. They even made a hat for him, and he started eating the moment they got to their home. Plus he got strawberries tonight, which is a treat! I love you Dumpling <3

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset
^^^^^^^^Like a pokey squirrel ^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^ THEY MADE HIM A PAPER HAT ^^^^^^^^
Have fun sailor doo!! HAT AHOYYY

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