15 April 2014

Remember to breathe

Down with yet another respiratory infection, and I had to get a sick note this morning and miss my exam. I'd like to say that the bright side of this is being able to make a trip down to take the exam in Hong Kong in the summer if so I wish, but it also means spending my summer studying... and stuff. Plus being ill = writing not so great essays. Pretty sure the essays on Korea and Epicurus that I turned in today could have been better if I weren't so ill. Anyway, I don't have any more exams until next week so hopefully i use this time to study hard for it to make up for the essay. This week et al:
  • Dreamt we got a basset hound last night. I've been looking at basset hounds all day now. It was a good dream.
  • The other day in Pizza Garden the lady overheard me telling Jw that "I could only buy either pizza or fries", and that he "would buy me pizza if i bought myself fries". I think she took it to mean that I was broke (I really just didn't want to eat anything too unhealthy), so she gave me my slice of pizza free. And also very nice and casually: "It looks like a smaller piece, I won't charge you for it. But that's between us". Thank you nice lady! rollrollroll
  • Right after that we went next door and got free coffee because the girl said we were nice, honest people. He he.
  • Thought this was our lucky day so we decided to buy a lottery ticket. I am not talking about the ten corgis we got, so obviously we didn't win
  • Head hurting from all the stuff in my sinus and my lungs
  • Did a photoshoot on Friday con mi hermana. Fue muy divertida.
  • It is spring and it smells like the perfume department whenever I step out of the house.
  • Scored 12/12 in a Mean Girls "can you identify that quote" quiz. I am winning at life.
  • Game of Thrones was so good and Joffrey's my favourite character so I hope they never, ever kill him
  • Went to Suika on Broadway and had super awesome hot stone kakuni bibimbap / yellowtail carpaccio /torotoro cha-shu. I didn't get any photos because my big and I were like "are we going to be that kind of people" (ok well i ended up taking ONE) but wowwww i would definitely go back again to try everything else on their menu, like their oyster shooters and chinese poutine. And their ceasers (they replace the tobasco sauce with kimchi there(!!!!!) ) I wish their servings were bigger though.
  • Just had greek pizza and i don't know how I've lived without it. It's amazing
  • Just read through an essay Jw wrote comparing postmodernism to Plato's rational soul / theory of forms. holy shitballs my man is clever

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