13 May 2014

Singapore: Island life according to my iPhone.

These are just a fraction of the pictures I've taken since I arrived in Singapore (in fact most of them were taken today), but i figured that this blog was bound for a new post. On a somewhat related note, I absent mindedly packed the DSLR into the bag I was checking in that day, and i guess the bag got thrown about... or something, because now the lens doesn't work, and the bottles of kimchi i brought home broke. Which left me with kimchi stained clothing. Anyhooo...
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^^^^^ My beautiful momma and little me!! She thinks she looks like an old movie star here. ^^^^^^^
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^^^^^^ I get really hungry when I'm bored. which means that I'm almost always hungry at work. In the mornings I make smoked salmon and avocado sandwiches to bring to work, because avocados are filling. I just mash an avocado, squeeze half a lime's worth of juice and mix it in, add a dash of pepper, spread it on toasted bread and top it with smoked salmon. My daddy loves it too! ^^^^^^^^
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^^^^^^ Marmite. He's my baby, but he's a cat and naturally, he hates everyone... yikes. ^^^^^^
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^^^^^ Casa ^^^^^
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^^^^ Tatertots for breakfast!! Finally got guava juice and ***GARLIC CHILLI**** sauce as well. ^^^^^^
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^^^^^ My brother went into army last week. He got to come out last night because it was Vesak day today. Here's my dad teaching him to do something with his boots. ^^^^^
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^^^^ Not really Singapore, but this is Jw's jindo dog in Seoul!!! Jindo dogs are awesome and fiercely loyal. I wish it was easy to get one outside of Korea. Doesn't she look like a wolf? ^^^^^^
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^^^^^ Happy parents. ^^^^
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^^^^ Super awesome salmon salad. They made the dressing with Japanese mayonnaise and olive oil, I am definitely going to do this at home as well!!! ^^^^
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^^^^^ lunch at the Japanese Association. ^^^^^
....And my brother has just finished polishing his boots. Time to take him out for bubble tea and smoked salmon before he heads back into the wilderness!

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