4 June 2014

Anew: I start blogs when I am bored.

Good afternoon! It is exactly 3:30 and I am sitting in our office here (where I am happy to say that Jw and I will spend a good chunk of time following something we both like: Buddhism) feeling really, really bored. The past month was a whirlwind of sorts; I will talk about that soon. But here I begin my quest of pursuing my dream: writing. I think it is safe to say that I have dabbled in everything – marketing, events, politics, and music (which I dearly love, but I think it's better that it remains a side project for now).. but nothing has come close to writing. I know the chances of making a good ton of money lies in politics, which is something I thoroughly enjoy, but I've spent my time recently planning the last Shangri-La dialogue.. and while I am so incredibly lucky to have been able to meet people that others dream of meeting of, and to have been there to actually see everything that! went! down! (and enjoy a lotttt of good food), i just can't do it. Politics will always interest me, but i know that I will never enjoy the game. I just like to sit on the bleachers and watch. For the longest time i thought that I would one day get into public policy or join an NGO and make life better for many people out there.. I will help more people one day, but I have to think of other ways to do that now. For the time being, I am really content with sitting at home drinking DavidsTea and reading blogs about nesting, children, and everything DIY.

I guess the point that I am trying to get across is... I am going to start running a for-profit blog. Or a blog that may one day turn for-profit. You know, whichever comes first. Not every post is for-profit, I am still going to blog about my life, and everything nesty and happy... and if this doesn't work out I'd be totally ok with it. I thought I'd be honest and just put my intentions out loud and clear here anyways, which is why you may notice that my labels and tags are going to sound a little more attention seeking and my eventual use of hashtags on instagram.

I've got a long way to go and here in Shitapore, I've received more than a few disapproving looks when I tell people that i want to write and that I study a lot of Buddhism and Taoism. But what matters is what I want, what keeps me happy, and what I have passion for. For now, this is what it is. i've spent a month behind a desk knowing damn well that I never ever want to be confined to a desk again. It's taken me a long time to actually get down to pursuing my dream(s), because I've always been worried about the disappointment I was going to bring to my parents. To be fair, my mom has always been supportive of me doing anything that isn't a desk job, but my dad has always wanted me to be a professional, or whatever. It took a great deal of convincing, but I know I got his approval when he said "well, why don't you start majoring in classics to help you with writing?". And that was good enough.

Tajaux was a great space that captured happy moments but I think a little upgrading was needed: first of all, I didn't like the way tajaux was spelled – it has always been tajo (tajo.com is unfortunately, taken, but sarahtajo isn't that bad, i guess. It's a little more personal.) i am in the process of moving some posts over (like my awesome recipes and all the little moments i've captured there) and it will all be ready soon. Ideally, my aim is to eventually capture just happy things in my life, and to curate a happy space. Thanks for reading. Ta! 

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