15 June 2014

Chill summer: the Virgin Caesar cocktail, reinvented.

Back in Canada, my go-to drink was a Caesar. Unfortunately, no one outside Canada knows how to make this drink, so I've gone a month without my lovely tangy clammy drink.

Here in Singapore, it's difficult to find the main ingredients (worcester sauce, clamato juice, so I scoured the supermarket the other day looking for ways to keep my palate happy, and i came up with the perfect summer drink (or so I think), until someone told me this was literally a virgin Mary. I'm going to post it anyway because I felt very clever back when I thought that I had come up with a variation of my favourite drink. I like it because it's tangy and when I use sweet lime, it tastes a little like pizza. It's perfect for humid evenings here.

You need: 
Half a lime
4 drops of Tabasco sauce
250ml Tomato Juice
Ice cubes
Ground black pepper  (adjust to your taste preferences)

It is just as simple as it sounds! 
  • In a glass, add the tomato juice and squeeze the lime juice in.
  •  Add in the tabasco sauce and pepper. 
  • Stir and add ice cubes in.  

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