29 June 2014

I fell in love today....

Meet Scotch! What a handsome lad. He is majestic and he walks like a lion.

Scotch has shiny fur. 
I haven't been around dogs for a while so I was allergic to his saliva, which was poo poo because his coat is silky soft and it GLISTENS in the sun. Would have been nice to run my fingers through his fur, or pet his pretty head, or something... He is the happiest (and prettiest!) golden retriever I have ever met. Scotch welcomed me with open paws and doggy kisses. 



Scotchy's beautiful owner (also my oldest, truest friend. This girl has seen me with my worst hair cut and went through the ~punk rocker with flowers in her hair~ phase with me.  I think that says a lot.)

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