23 June 2014

Mom's first train ride

Today was a good day!
It was a phoneless kind of afternoon, where I left the house with my battery at 100%, and came home with it at 96%. It felt kind of nice not having to worry about who was doing what on Instagram or Twitter.

  •  Brought my mom on her first train ride (seriously, that woman relies on her car wayyyyy too much. The only reason why she agreed to take the train today was because the car park of the place we went to was a tad too small and she didn't want to scratch her car. (See attached picture)
  •  Went to the park and we hung out with a Malamute (!!!) She had the bluest eyes.
  • Went on the swings and flew! Sky high!
  • Jw tried bak kut teh for the first time, and liked it. There is literally nothing he doesn't eat. 

^^^ Balancing on the train is something she has yet to learn. The lady sitting in front of us was laughing when she heard our conversation. Eep. ^^^ 

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