17 June 2014

Out and about Singapore!

Playing tourist the past two weeks has been fun. The weather hasn't been that great, it's either been too hot or too rainy (I reaaaaaally wanted to go to the zoo last week but it was all heavy clouds and thunderstorms), so for the most part we've been hiding under our little pretend cocoon world of air-conditioning and shopping malls. 33 degree weather and 90% humidity do not go well at all... at least we got a couple of nice, sunny days this week.

^^^ Panorama of Marina Bay from atop the Espalande ^^^
^^^ Settling in to our office ^^^ 

^^^ In Singapore we have double decker buses. Jw had never seen one in his life before Singapore and was excited when I brought him on one. The front seats on the upper deck were empty, so this is him on his joy ride ^^^ 


^^^ Decided to nest a little and I went to Muji to look for things to buy for the apartment ^^^ 

^^^ The day when we tried to go to the zoo but it started raining cats and dogs so we hung out with my mom instead and watched Maleficient (which is an awesome movie!) ^^^ 

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