27 June 2014


Hello! The past three days, I have been stuck. At home. With pneumonia. My whole family has it, and we're coughing up a storm (pneumonia affects the lower respiratory tract, so coughing is a painful thing because you're never sure if your rib cage is going to break or not.) I got it last year as well, and according to the WebMD, which is a more reliable source than doctors, it means I'm bound to be a little more immune to it. Which basically explains why I am in less pain than they are. The past three days have been spent in bed or in the patio, binging on Orange is the New Black. Which is kind-of-funny-but-not-my-kind-of-funny. Unlike how it's always funny in Philadelphia, you know.  

I've been eating a lot of onigiri as well, because my family eats porridge when they're ill and I am not a fan. My favourite onigiri fillings are salmon mayo and tuna. When I have kids, I'm going to buy them the cutest bento sets and make them onigiri every. Single. Day. I imagine them pulling their insanely cute bento boxes out of their bags during a food fight and winning because a ball of rice would splat more than a sandwich would.
Onigiri is easy to make. All you need is rice, sesame oil, salt, and a filling of your choice. Last semester, I'd make these for Jw so he could bring them to school the next day. I used a combination of spam, omelette and cheese as filings instead, if I made them the night before.  ~ Food safety warden ~

Also, I've had to have my milk and cookies in secret – **in my room guyssss!!!!** because living with my parents means that I will be mothered, and I'm also ill. Which means that my mom checks up on me like 10 times a day and looks at what I eat and drink and nags at me when she catches me drinking fizzy apple or the gong cha  that my brother (a.k.a. the boy who brought pneumonia home)  smuggles home for me. I'm complaining now, but I know that in a month I'll miss this.

Last week, I watched the Addams Family (1991) and I loved it! Much more than the 1993 sequel. I know earlier on I mentioned that WebMD was more reliable than a doctor, but sometimes the internet lies and tells you that Addams Family Values is more funny than it's prequel. Do not trust strangers!!!!!! Sometimes you believe what you read online and then waste like, 90 minutes of your time watching an unbearable, corny show. Yeah so basically watch the 1991 release because it's funny in a Michael Cera way. If I worked as a production assistant on the show, I'd have stolen stuff off the set to decorate my house with. Gomez and Morticia make such a good couple. 

Anyway mom's asleep which means my milk and cookie rampage begins now! TO THE KITCHEN


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