5 July 2014

Cheat Day

Some time last week I had one of those cheat days where I consumed all the sugar and grease that my body could allow. It started out great until I had a Mcwing around midnight (just one wing, mind you, not the whole box), saw the thick coat of grease under the fried skin, and completely stopped.

Our first stop was KFC, because in Canada we crave for KFC at least once a month in Canada and the nearest one is an hour away, and is usually closed whenever we want it. Can I take a minute to appreciate cheese fries. I love how most restaurants here serve cheese fries (and truffle fries!!) Nothing goes with potatoes better than sour cream and cheese, i tell you. fried, baked, mashed.. you should try it some time!

 SO HAPPY WITH MY ORIGINAL DRUMSTICK (we sent this picture to his mom and she said the same thing) 

Then I brought bubble tea / boba home! Drinktea is one of my favourite bubble tea stores. I like milk tea that isn't too milky or sweet, and has that nice tea-ish aftertaste. (I usually drink my bubble tea with 25-30% sugar. )

And because one cup of bubble tea wasn't enough, i got another one (KOI!!!!) to go with my Mcdonalds meal (not pictured because I couldn't make it look blog-worthy). 
i don't like koi as much as i like Drinktea, but Drinktea was closed by then.  Also, they ran out of pearls so it was just plain milk tea, basically. i'm not complaining though. Milk tea is in abundance everywhere here in Singapore, and it costs a fraction of what i'd pay in Vancouver!! (I'm not a hater, 'Couver. I'm sorry, I miss you every day).

... Last of all, a celebratory picture of the bubble tea I got from **DRINK TEA** with **PEARLS**  yesterday. Another drink I tried there that was nice was their Yakult Peach drink :) 

All in all, it was a very good and rewarding day for sugar and fast food, My 5 favourite bubble tea stores in Singapore: 
  1. Drink tea
  2. Gong Cha (here I replace pearls with herbal jelly!)
  3. Each a Cup 
  4. Koi
  5. Sharetea 
Yesterday, Jw and I made Korean food for my parents and I will blog about that as soon as I get the recipes right. Thanks for reading!

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