7 July 2014

Cooking for the family: Spicy beef bulgogi / hobakjeon (zucchini pancakes) recipe.

Hello! On Saturday, Jw made dinner for my family. My mom has never tried Korean food before, and she's not very adventurous with new dishes but she ended up liking everything she ate (she doesn't eat beef). I guess I'll squeeze in here and claim some credit in playing a teeny tiny role in helping him with the cooking, because I cut  / coated / washed stuff. Heh! Anyway, I'm really glad my family enjoyed what he cooked.
It took him about 1 and a half hours to make 4 dishes. He made bulgogi, japchae, doenjang-jjigae (soybean paste soup), and everyone's favourite, hobakjeon.(aka squash pancakes, but we only used zucchini.) .  
Top L-R: Doenjang-jjigae, bulgolgi
Bottom: hobakjeon, japchae.

I know I should have taken a better picture of the food, but everyone was starving and to get the 'perfect shot' i think i'd have to stand on the chairs (which is a no-no for my mom)... yeah i know, excuses. I should really get the camera fixed.

Some of our ingredients! 

We needed some Korean ingredients so we had to do some shopping at our usual supermarket for things like produce / meat, and we got our Korean seasoning from SolMart in Square 2.  We also found sauce from Bibigo and used their stuff, too :)

Marinating the bulgolgi and mushrooms. 
The bulgogi he made was essentially spicy pork bulgogi replaced with beef. 

For desserts we got ggul teok (sticky honey rice balls), and MANGOSTEENS!!!!! which are definitely my favourite fruits, along with mangoes and strawberries.  My mom also got durians, but my brother, Jw and I aren't fans so my parents got to enjoy all of that, yay for them.

I am only putting up the recipes for the zucchini pancakes and the bulgogi because the soup and japchae are a little more difficult to make – according to him, it's "all about timing", but it's tricky! Perhaps another time when I try it :) 

Hobakjeon / zucchini pancakes
serves 5

3 eggs, beaten
a pinch of salt
1.5 zucchini, sliced thinly
1 small bowl of Korean pancake mix (can be substituted with flour and salt)

  1. coat each slice of zucchini in the pancake mix
  2. add salt into the beaten eggs
  3. dip the slices into the egg mix 
  4. place them in a frying pan with vegetable or olive oil that has been heated up.
  5. press the slices down with a spatula 
  6. when it they are golden brown, flip them over to the other side.
  7. wait for 1-2 minutes, or until golden brown. 

Spicy Beef Bulgolgi 
 serves 5

ingredients:500g beef (chuck cut), thinly sliced.
200g oyster mushrooms, sliced, stem removed

100ml gochujang (red chilli paste)
1 teaspoon sugar
0.5 teaspoon soysauce
2 cloves garlic
0.5 teaspoon sesame oil

  1. mix all the ingredients for the marinade together in a large bowl. 
  2. place the meat in, mix with your hand and ensure that they are nicely coated and separated
  3. cover and leave it for half an hour (refrigerate it if possible)
  4. after half an hour, add the mushrooms in, cover and leave for another half an hour.
  5. in a pan or wok, heat some olive or vegetable oil up, and cook the meat on medium-high heat for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently. (be careful as if the beef overheats, it will become tough! you want it nice and tender.)

This post took me quite a while to write, and I have a long day ahead tomorrow so I have to sleep soon. I'm going to leave this here before I go off:

^^^^^^ Before we went to get the ingredients for this meal, we found a playground and he was so happy! This is one of my favorite pictures of him, hehe. ^^^^^^

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