23 July 2014

iPhone-a-decoratin' with washi tape

Hello! I'm feeling kind of upbeat today because my week has been fulfilling for the most part. I've started getting busy in the kitchen again–which means lots of experimenting, and I managed to get my flight back home settled: I was set to leave on the 3rd of August and two days ago I realised it meant that I had twelve days left in this island city...and I wasn't ready to leave! No mom or dad or brother? I haven't even had my fill of curry puffs and bak chor mee! Heading back to Vancouver meant being responsible again and paying my own bills. So we tried to change my flight, but every flight in August was full, unless I wanted to pay 3800 USD to be rebooked on a different flight. on economy class, mind you. I was upset. And Jw wasn't even going to be there until the 20th of August, which meant house hunting and moving and cleaning alone. Still, I put on a brave face (seriously. I was <--this close--> to tears. I know, I'm a brat.) and found myself accommodation, arranged to get Dumpling the hog and even tried to make plans to go to Alberta. Then last night, my mum worked her mummy magic and got me my ticket changed, literally after five hours worth of phone calls spread over two days. And being disconnected twice. And everything bad you can possibly imagine about customer service. Thanks mum! I'm a little bummed about Alberta, but she can wait for a bit.

Anyhoo little problems aside, in light of my productive week, today I decorated my iPhone with washi tape and also went grocery shopping. I love washi tape!  They tear off like a dream, I really don't like sticker residue because they are horrible to touch and they turn grey eventually. Plus they look real pretty when you write over them sometimes ;)
Before I left for Canada, I had a collection of washi tape. I brought 12 bags to Canada and three boxes of stationary along with me, but not my tape. Great job, Sarah! So today when I passed by a washi pop up store I was all sorts of excited and ended up leaving with a few to kickstart my collection again.

I set off to conquer great lands! (lands, surfaces. you know)

Tools of the trade ^^ 

Decorating my iPhone was an easy quest. I returned home victorious. 

 I used my mom's phone to take this picture of this and it isn't very clear.. which is strange because she uses a better phone than me, haha. Anyway I simply cut and stuck tape on the back of my iphone. I don't think anyone would expect much from the title of this post..? I mean I taped some vertically and the others horizontally, but that's pretty much all the creativity I can offer for the time being. Hi, Stitch. I somehow thought adding him to the picture would be a good idea, but I'm kind of regretting it now. Hashtag styling hashtag not

Washi tape is supposedly waterproof so you don't really have to worry about leaving your phone on wet surfaces, but if you're worried about that or your tape getting torn out, I suggest using a clear iPhone case over it. (Again, no points for creativity on this one).

These tapes are from MtTape, but I've visited wishywashi sporadically over the last couple of months and they carry the cutest designs!

p/s: say hello to my new moniker! i never really liked tajaux, tajo.com was taken, and tajo.net would set me back $1000... so the next-best was a .co. I'm quite pleased.

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