2 July 2014

Singapore food: Part 2

Hello hello! We've been hopping about the island filling our tummies with food, and trying very much to avoid the 'coffee art and eggs benedict brunch culture' that seems to envelop people our age here. It isn't a bad thing, but we get lots of that kind of stuff in Vancouver, so we figured that it was better to eat whatever's hard to find there (and save some ching!) Kind of. We haven't been very good at that lately, though.

 Today my parents picked us up from work and brought us to Sapore Italiano, which was pretty decent (and reasonable!) I had smoked salmon tagliatelle and I loved it. They gave a huge serving so I was pretty much stuffed when I was halfway through the dish, but I still managed to shovel many more spoonfuls of that into my mouth because I live for salmon. My mom had a carbonara which was perfectly al dente. I love the feeling of biting into al dente pasta, I never want to stop chewing once I start.

The restaurant is located in the university here so for the most part of the drive in I kept asking my dad where the beaches, golf course, and magic forest were, because UBC has all of those and  comparing our alma maters is kind of a thing between my dad and I. (He obviously wins at being the intelligentsia because NUS ranks higher than UBC now,  and he went on to an even better university after his undergrad there. But I win at categories like, clean air and liquor store and more beautiful city.)

Then we for coffee at Donguri in the Japanese association! I even got a little cinnamon stick to stir my cappuccino with. I've never seen a cinnamon stick served with coffee, so I spent a long time wondering why they served a cigar with my coffee.

I am so happy that Paris Baguette opened in Singapore!! i love love love love love their pudding, and I adore the little bottles they serve them in. I'm going to bring a bunch of those bottles back to decorate the new house with. I also really like their pastries and I don't know which one's my favourite because they're all so yummy. I think i'll go with berry berry buttons because i've had at least one of that each time i've gone. Jw loves their ice shavings with condensed milk but he says the one in Korea is much better (he is really very loyal to anything Korean, guys. I've had really bad heat rash recently and he is convinced that the best way to treat it is with a Korean gel. Which kind of works but also really stings)

This is literally the best wanton noodles I've had in my life. Pontian / Grafitti cafe can step aside! This is in Eng's Noodle House on 287 Tanjong Katong Road. The noodles are springy, and their fried wantons are extra crunchy. I think it's because they steam them before they fry it.

 Jw and I went to Nex the other day to run some errands, and we found Prata Wala. It was near closing time so many things were sold out. In the end we just settled for plain prata and whatever curry that came with it, because we were so tired and hungry. I tell you, the feeling of the first bite of something that you haven't had in two years is indescribable. It's like, you kind of grin and your eyes widen and you try to force it down your gullet but you're also smiling at the same time... yeah. That was pretty much what something so simple felt like. *Happy camper*

Other things we've eaten that were awesome, but never got pictures of: 
Zha Jiang Mian at the Asian Kitchen
Paus from the food hall at Tangs in Orchard
Hot stone bibimbap with kimchi fried rice in the food republic outlet at Shaw 
Fish and chips, cheese fries and seafood pasta from Reedz cafe 
Some awesome french-fry coated hotdog from Dong Dae Mun in Vivocity 

That's it for now! You can read part one of our food adventures in Singapore here

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