17 July 2014

Singapore food: Part 3

Good morning! Here are some food shots from the past week or so, thereby immortalizing our trails around Singapore yet again. Over the weekend we made a trip to Hong Kong, but I'll blog about that another time.  So, our week in tableware:

About a week ago my mom waited for me while I went in to the office quickly, and it rained very heavily after, so when I was done, I brought her to Reedz Cafe at NUS to have lunch (Since driving from one point of Singapore to the other in tropical torrential rain is no joke. Thanks mama!) She had the turkey bacon aglio olio and I had the seafood aglio olio, which was perfect as always: garlicky, spicy, and full of olive oil. It wasn't as al dente as I'd have liked, but that plate of pasta only cost me $5.80,  so I shouldn't complain so much.

Jw and I went back the next day because he wanted their fish and chips very badly. I had cheese fries and a caramel macchiato! 

A dame blanche at the Hollandse Club.

Jw wanted Korean food, so we tried Hansang Family Restaurant in Square 2.  We had ginseng chicken soup and jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce). The soup was great but they added too much MSG in the jajangmyeon and we ended up feeling really sleepy and bloated after our overpriced meal. No bueno. What was bueno though, was Neolive Hair Make located one floor above the restaurant. According to him,  they cut his hair well and are prettyyyy decently priced. They were nice to me, too :) 

Last week, some family friends from Toronto were in town and we had lunch with them at Yum Cha Restaurant . Jw and I had so much fun playing with his youngest kid! He really liked playing the game of concentration and chopsticks so we spent most of our time playing with him, and following his rules ;) The kids really loved the spring rolls and fried silverfish. His dad is a pretty awesome man, by the way. He hitch hiked his way from Toronto to Alberta when he was 30 and visited Jasper and Banff (you have no idea how impressed/jealous we were.) Then he hitch hiked once more to British Columbia and Seattle.

I met Tingshan/Toasting for lunch at La Nonna in Holland Village. It was nice seeing her after such a long time. La Nonna has this awesome lunch promotion where you get a 1-for-1 main on weekdays between 12-230 so I was pretty happy that I got my smoked salmon pizza for less! Their lasagna was pretty good as well and I ended up bringing my friend there two days later for more smoked salmon pizza. Jw and my brother tried the pizza as well and they liked it too! This is a WIN-WIN LUNCH DEAL GUYS.

After that we walked to Chip Bee Gardens for ice cream at the Daily Scoop! Their Kahlua Krunch is super awesome.

Jw craves for Korean food p2: this time we went to Bibigo. We didn't think it was going to be anything special, but when the food was served, Jw was pretty impressed so I guess that says a lot. I tried goldonmyeon which was buckwheat noodles in a kind of sauce that reminded me of wafu dressing, and I loved it! We also had chicken stew (which was also awesome by the way, such a shame we couldn't finish it) and assorted kimchi.

Assorted kimchi! I love love love kimchi. 

That's it for now,  I have to head in to the office soon so I take my leave!
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