30 July 2014

Smoked salmon for days: Breakfast

To start my day the right way....

I made breakfast and poached an egg for the first time! Smoked salmon with a poached egg on toast. 
Topped with rocket salad and black pepper... and a hint of lime. Mm.

Good morning. 

I love mornings in this house because when everyone's up I hear noises in the background that isn't the sound of me chopping my own mushrooms, or me making a smoothie. I hear my dad flipping through the papers or my mum sorting out the groceries instead. It's nice being around family. I guess I'm at that age where I understand the meaning of "your parents aren't getting any younger".

On another note, we're heading home in about three weeks(!!) everything we've been avoiding the past few months is just around the corner, about to smack us right in the face. We've been looking at different neighbourhoods to next reside in and the daydreamer in me has been pretty preoccupied dreaming of walks by the beach and the likes ;)  Helloooo responsibility and house hunting and monthly health insurance that I more-often-than-not-forget-to-pay-for. You know you're getting old when supermarket chains play an important role in deciding where you want to live.

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