25 July 2014


Went through my old blog(s) tonight. Blogs are pretty awesome, huh. Sometimes you read about things you completely forgot about. Like going to a music festival with a friend just to watch New Found Glory, and leaving after, only to return because she forgot to buy merch. Or you find the 453987354 selfies you took. You know like the ones you thought you looked good in because you had the camera angled downwards and your bangs were kind of covering your eyes? Yeah.  The silver lining in combing through a slew of rants and pictures that I should be ashamed of was finding a bunch of pictures that mean the world to me, including those of Toasty, my very first cat friend. (pictures here are circa 2007, taken with a **hardy Nokia**... so basically expect bad composition and bad hair and bad everything, ha)

He was that small when I got him :') a friend of a friend found a litter of kittens with no mommy, and on my fifteenth birthday i opened a box and found an orange kitten. so began my friendship with toasty.


And there's Booboo, our rottie. This is us introducing Toasty to him! (also, I really love that Swatch). They became really good friends fast. They'd chase each other about and sometimes Toasty would cling on to his hind legs for a joyride of sorts :3


Finding these pictures was a good thing, but they stirred up that achey pain in my heart again. I miss you, Toasty. You were the best x 

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