10 August 2014

Eating in Singapore: Part 4 + what I've been up to...

Images aren't arranged chronologically because dragging them around seems too much of a chore tonight. But it's food anyway, right, so it doesn't matter? I've been occupied with either the office or eating, and the office isn't blog-worthy, so here's the food part of my life of late. 

On Jw's last night here, we had dinner at Prego, which is probably my favourite Italian restaurant in Singapore. I couldn't decide between pasta and pizza (oh, the decisions you have to make in life), so I got a clam vongole and smoked salmon pizza and wolfed them down happily. Perfect.  I've been in a relationship with Prego for ages. They always ask if I want more when they clear the bread basket. I always say no but it's good they ask. Kind of like when guys asks girls if they want something and the girls always say no but ten minutes later they want to say yes but can't so they kind of expect the guy to mind read and do the thing they want. That's the situation with me and the bread there.

Which brings me to my next point.... Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning (aka meet the parents–props if you get the reference), was huge success! Glory to wook & jo! The past two months have been nothing short of bowls of noodles and butterflies, thank you for that ♡

Can I squeeze in a selfie here? No smiles because this shade of lipstick makes my teeth look yellow. Being a girl is hard sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way ;) 

My mom and I talked life and business over coffee, cake and fries at Pique Nique. Their blueberry cake is delightful! Their service, not so.

.... Exposed brick is god's gift to interior deco. Pseudo exposed brick comes close I guess! I've been dreaming of loft life in Brooklyn of late, thank you Natalie Jean.

Meng's Kitchen is just round the corner now and they serve *//THE BEST//* Bak Chor Mee in the history of ever. You have to try it. They aren't stingy with their minced meat and lard, and they don't skimp on the ingredients in their soup either, so it's rich and full of flavour.

The other day was one of those days which started out crappy so I mosied down to Tiong Bahru Bakery to finally see what the hullabaloo of that place was about. finally_in_the_cool_kids_league. Here you see my molasses burger (basically cream cheese, smoked salmon, rocket salad and buns valued at ~ ten dollars) and my cappuccino. It hit the right spot and I felt much better after. 

Chirashi at the Japanese Association. Anything with raw fish is perfect. The end.

This picture isn't clear because of horrible lighting in the restaurant–proceed with caution if you want to get a good shot for Instagram, ha ha amirite. Anyway this was at Kopitiam at Swissotel, where they serve local delights at exorbitant prices... you get my point. The fried carrot cake and beef rendang were super awesome though. The bak kut teh was mediocre at best, because it really lacked that peppery taste that everyone loves. We also had laksa and hokkien mee which were, in my opinion, too healthy and 'clean', so that 'hawkerless' feel didn't make them taste authentic, if you get what I mean.

And here we are again!At Eng's noodle house! I love love love the wanton noodles there, they're springy and I help myself to as much lard as I want because FREE FLOW LARD (refer to the picture below). I don't have much to say about the place because they only serve wanton noodles on their menu and they are the best in town, period.  Their chili sauce is extra spicy and the first time Jw went there, the cold he had went away right after he added a generous dose of that into his soup.

Toast Box with my dad and my brother over weekend. This was the very first time my dad let me pay for a meal, by the way. Growing up slowly...

But really, nothing will beat the wantons made at home. Fried wanton skin is always a must. Ps: I found that the best way to make bee hoon (Singapore vermicelli)is to steam it first, before frying it. This way the moisture is still retained when the noodles are being fried.

Visited Cat Socrates again! They sell the cutest bags / notebooks / accessories and the likes. Sometimes if you're lucky you get to see their house cat whom I'm assuming is named Socrates, because I read before that the owner named her store after her cat.This store is great especially if you want to get anything cat related. Before they had a tiny cafe area where I would just sit and stare out the window to people watch or write, but when I went back this time I was a littttle dismayed when I realised that the tiny corner was no more.  Womp womp womp.

On that cappuccino grind again at Tiong Bahru Bakery. This isn't a ~blogworthy~ shot but I put it up anyway because I felt like it, haaaa

This post prettyyy much sums up what I've been up to the past two weeks or so, nothing too exciting to report..yet. Just a lot of movement, and a lot of coffee. I'm heading to Bangkok tomorrow, so  I get to blog about something other than food next! Til then, friends.

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