12 August 2014

Greetings from Bangkok!

No guesses where I am right now! Bangkok is an oven as usual, but it's nice to be back, especially because I used to travel here quite a fair bit a few years ago. Bangkok is obviously a food fest and shopping is great. Today my mom and I stumbled upon a Kate Spade / Jack Spade sale – everything was 60-80% off! Can you believe it.

As mentioned on Instagram, today we went allllll out and had a lot of food, having as many meals as possible and keeping our tummies nice and filled. We haven't really ventured out of the usual Siam / Central paradigm unfortunately, and I don't think we will because there's so much of that that we've missed.
Some photos....

Bangkok greeted us with showers. I snapped this picture while we were in the car from the airport to the hotel, caught in a typical Bangkok jam. In half an hour, we literally moved an inch from where this photo was taken.

Looking out from the Skywalk.  

I guess this is what people mean when they say that their eyebags are the size of Africa. 

Pillow talk ;) ha ha 

We went to the shops in Siam Square today and they are still as unique (read: CHEAP SHOPPING) as ever. I thought this picture would turn out ~artistic~ but I was wrong. If I were putting this up on Instagram, my caption would be 'Trouser print details', or something.  

The basement at Siam Paragon is foodie heaven (so is the food hall in Central World!!) Two years ago they served the BEST (I don't use this word sparingly, huh) roast pork in the food court at Siam Paragon. It was too crowded today so I didn't get to go, but hopefully it's still around and I get to have some tomorrow. Today we had one of our many meals in Kloset Cafe @ Paragon. The decor was so charming, I think I got a couple of ideas for the new place from them.

Mommy ^_^ 

Lunch at Cafe 93  run by Jim Thompson. We visited their factory outlet in the morning and it's amazing how much the price difference can be! That aside, can I now rave about Tom Yum soup. How is it so yummy??? I feel like I need to have a bowl of it whenever I can, and the same goes for Thai tea.

A place we went to today that I found really interesting was Siam Square One, which is new I think (?) I've never seen it around before, and most of the shops there carry things made by local designers, so it was nice looking at things that weren't typically designed for mass markets, ha. My feet hurt so much from walking around all day, I hope I get to go for a foot massage tomorrow.. *moon emoji* Until next time! 

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