6 August 2014


This week hasn't been super. I've been better. Yesterday we lost our deposit for what would have been our corgi pup, but for good reason I suppose. We've waited 1.5 years for this, so that was kind of a bigggg blow. I've been so moody and feeling so blah ever since. I have been trying to take my mind off things by daydreaming a lot, which means a lot of instagram. (my favourites are #greatnorthcollective, #liveauthentic and #explorecanada. Travel Alberta should offer me a marketing job that involves wandering around their national parks.. Just saying ;) )

Whistler Blackcomb in the summer.  The Pacific Northwest is really quite something, isn't it? I don't think I'll ever stop loving you, BC! (I snapped this a while ago!)

Daydreams work best with tea and macaroons, of course.  Felt like Paris for a just a split second before Marmite poked his head through the window and ruined it all for me.

And meanwhile, in reality: Spent the last two days moving into the office space (hurrah!) and got this wall sticker. It seemed like a good idea when I first laid eyes on it I'll admit, but it'll come off anyway so there's really NO RAGRETS...

Anyway, happy hump day guys! Got to stay positive and hope that things go uphill from here!

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