17 August 2014

What I've been up to: Bangkok Day 2 / Last few eats in Singapore..

Hey guys! It's been a really (and I mean REALLY) busy week. I've been trying to tie things up with a big nice bow since I returned from Bangkok, clear my room, and pack my suitcases, and it is no easy feat considering the fact that there are 24 hours in a day and I spend half of it sleeping.  Here are a couple of pictures and words where I left off.


Bangkok was perfect– three days of perpetual food coma and it was good food everywhere. We stayed around the Ploenchit area (kind of like downtown) so we got around mostly by foot thanks to their skywalk which links up a good chunk of downtown Bangkok! I also mentioned that I hoped to get a foot massage in my previous post and I did. My mom had already been on the lookout for Lek's foot massage the day we arrived because she had gone to them the last time she was there, and on our last day there, we found them, conveniently located opposite Siam Paragon on the skywalk.  You don't know relaxing until you are aching all over from walking miles and you get a foot massage. It was heaven!!! We got a one-hour massage but ended up asking them to extend the time because it was that stress-relieving. Also, I'm not sure if people know about this, but you know how animals have that nerve/knot at the back of their neck that makes them fall asleep? I'm prettyyy sure people have it too, because when the lady started working on my neck I fell asleep immediately– the kind of sleep where you're semi-aware of your surroundings but your eyelids just won't stay open and you can't move. So perfect.

Fried pork trotters / pig skin at Mango Tree Bistro in Centralworld. Delish! (We had tom yum soup at every meal) 
Fuji Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant chain in Thailand. I first discovered it when I went to Huahin a couple of years ago. They are pretty inexpensive and the quality of sashimi and sushi you get for their pricing is really something! I think they're a lot better (and cheaper) than Sushi Tei (another restaurant chain) in Singapore. This place is always a must go whenever we are in Thailand.  These pictures don't capture half of what we ordered. We were really starving that day, and apart from the sashimi set / bacon wrapped enoki / salmon sashimi, there was also dobunmushi, chawanmushi, tempura, and other kinds of sushi (i think a dragonroll?). Also, a very happy me. 

I got a clip-on fish eye lens for my phone! Here is my beautiful mom and me. It was nice spending time with my mom. It's never easy being away from momma (and family of course), I hope my family visits soon! 


Yesterday we paid a visit to Tampopo at Liang Court. We meant to go to Marutama ramen upstairs, but it turns out that their ramen base is chicken and my dad and I are kind of allergic to chicken and egg here (it's really strange, but we highly suspect that it's the hormones in the chicken here that cause this allergy, especially because we don't have this problem overseas / in Vancouver.) We eventually found Tampopo, and I ordered their pork bone ramen with a salmon onigiri. Their ramen noodles weren't the best, but that pork soup base sure was. And by 'sure was' i mean, like. souperporkalisticaspiadelicious. If any of you guys are from Singapore–my blog stats tell me most of you aren't, you seriously have to go here just for the soup. Another ramen place that I really like, noodles, eggs, soup and all is Yoshimaru Ramen Bar in Holland Village.  Unfortunately because of my recently developed egg allergy, no ramen eggs were had yesterday and that was sad.

 On Saturday I went to Serangoon Gardens Market to have hawker fare for the last time. It was especially nice because I grew up in that estate, and I guess I won't be seeing it for a long time. I had a lotttt of food there, like roast poultry (pictured above:  Poh Poh chicken and duck stall), fried carrot cake, beancurd and my beloved bak chor mee. The stalls I used to get food from as a kid are Rollina, Botanic Gardens bcm and laksa, the carrot cake stall beside the botanic gardens stall (haha), Selegie Soya Milk, and that one prawn noodle stall that up til today I still forget the name of. 

Blanco Prawn Noodles! I've never tried it before, and today my mom and I stumbled upon it so we HAD to try. (In case you haven't already guessed, histamines in egg = histamines in prawn so I got my noodles without prawns.. womp womp) I guess we were really lucky we found it, because it lives up to the hype! I guess one thing I'll miss about Singapore is the fact that good food is everywhere around and you are always likely to discover something great, like this. 

Other than eating, I haven't really been doing anything productive, so when I head back to the couv i'm definitely spending a lot of alone / outdoor time. The other day I met a friend and we paid a visit to Kino where I kind of sort of just fell into the whole quarterly magazine thing again, if you know what I mean ^^ so now there are places I have to visit, things I have to cook, and mountains I have to climb. Also, an empty space out there that I will turn into a home.  And I'm looking forward to that ;)

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