19 August 2014

Wrapping up Singapore

Back to Vancouver tomorrow! (I think it's pretty clear how badly I've been wanting to go back). Here are a couple of photos, taken today and the day before to remember Singapore the way I want to. Waves of nostalgia ahead. You have been warned.

Yesterday, I met a friend (ok it's msracherawr if you must know) for more discount lunch, ha ha, at La Nonna.  And this was dessert– tiramisu for me, and panna cotta for her. My main was vongole and they gave me lots of clams, so that was dandy. They were really small though but I guess I shouldn't complain too much because I got it at half price, hurrah!

Dressed for tropical weather one last time. I'll miss the tank / short / flip-flops get up. My favourite. 

#chasinglight at my grandmother's house. I really like that gate. When we were little, my brother and I would always listen around for either the sound of footsteps and that rickety sound of the gate sliding open, because that would mean that someone had come to visit, or that my mom had come to pick us up. A lot of things in her house were DIY, and thats what I love about it because every imperfect thing in that little house gives it character. Behind that door you see in the picture is where my late grandfather hammered in two nails so that they could hang their keys there. They aren't even hammered in properly, and they're crooked, and I never noticed that he had put them in until yesterday.. but its little things like this that make a house a home.


Went back to Starbucks at Holland Village to read for a bit. Am I basic yet?? No but really I used to frequent that place a lot (read: every day) when I was in high school, and I'm quite glad that I have managed to kind of cut Starbucks out of my diet. In Canada, Starbucks was right beside us so I went there all the time and I always got free stuff from the nice baristas. Sometimes I'd get free drinks and other times, if i went during closing hour they'd give me lots of study snacks and muffins! Thank you baristas. You made bad days good with your kindness :) 

Went to the chinese medical hall for some good old traditional medicine. It kind of looks like forest fairy food, don't you think. 

 My grandmother cooking. She's so good at it and I love everything she cooks. She's made so many dishes I love since May and saying goodbye to her today was so so sad. I love this woman so so so much.

 I got this top from a street stall in Bangkok 5 years ago for eight dollars. I found it in my closet this morning and I'm surprised it still looks reasonably new– I used to wear it a lot.

.... And for my last lunch here: (very good) fried carrot cake at Kopitiam in Swissotel. I guess this picture wraps up the eating in Singapore series that I've been blogging about.  P/s: remember what I said about their bad lighting for instagram? I went in the afternoon today so it was natural light all over, you feel? 

I guess that's all of Singapore for now! This is the first time in two years that I've been back properly (the last time I stayed for about two and a half weeks, and that was a year and a half ago). It was good being here and accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time. On another note, two years was enough to show me that my parents aren't getting any younger... oh, life.   
I don't mean this in a dramatic manner but I really don't know when I'll be back again, and it's a little scary thinking about that but there are places and people out there I have yet to meet! To new beginnings.

I'm really excited to go back and start looking at the apartments we've shortlisted (they look great and if we get any one of them i'd be pleased. Also, isn't it weird seeing things in real life?). I also have to argue with damn Bell because they really like getting on my nerves. A lot. There's also a ton of laundry we have to do... So yeah. I guess new adventures for the time being include dealing with things like that. I'm sure they're compelling in their own ways.. ha ha.

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