28 September 2014

A day at Jericho Beach!

Hi friends! I'm so sorry for taking a seemingly long break, but life has been good and busy and hey, I'm back with pictures and a backlog of posts. The weather this year has been lovely, fall has begun but it's still sunny and warm outside, and it has been perfect. Especially with a puppy in tow! We've been having so much fun exploring our (not so) new neighbourhood and the outdoors, and Joggy seems so much happier now, I really do hope he loves his life with us.

We spent our morning at Jericho Beach because I had a Longboat race (spoiler: my team got disqualified) so we thought it'd be nice if we brought Joggy along to soak up some sun and that lovely Vancity coastline. Before the pictures, please please please watch this video and tell me this isn't the happiest dog there was today. We finally let him stick his head out of the window during a car ride since he's always trying to climb out of the car. There was this moment where he just closed his eyes with the sun in his face and he had a doggy smile on with his ears flapping in the breeze. It was the sweetest thing and this fur mommy heart of mine just swelled up. We love you so much Joggy!

Hey, Montreal. Joggy told us that you don't have the ocean like we do here. He wants to say that he's happier on the west coast.

This was meant to be a nice family photo but Joggy decided to get the zoomies here and he ran around us in circles and our butts turned to the camera. I think it makes a pretty good team photo actually!

Best friends. 

There are wild bunnies in Jericho beach! They are the cutest and they live in the bushes near the sailing club. We had to leave eventually because Joggy's beagle superpowers were tingling and he started baying and he seemed like he was gearing up for a hunt.

 Joggy on the beach! I really don't think he has been on the beach before, because everything seemed new to him. He loved walking on sand, and got frightened by the tiniest of waves! He even saw seagulls for the first time and apparently while I was long boating, he got in the water before deciding that he didn't want to be a water dog today. Watching him learn about new things makes me so happy. He has the cutest curious expression on his face and his tail just starts to wag slightly.


Also, dog and hog are starting to get along! Joggy didn't really like being around Dumpling at first but he's been slowly warming up to him. We also discovered that like his brother, Dumpling loves poultry flavoured dog treats, and the two have been bonding over that.

Now I have 600 pages of Plato to get back to, and I've got a couple of recipes to post up and visuals from Europe to cover. Stick around! 

22 September 2014

8 September 2014

Life lately: Breakfast, and #joggythedoggy.

Breakfast done quick and easy: Sourdough, smoked salmon, avocado mashed with lime and black pepper.

And yes..... I guess I'm a fur mommy now
 Guyss!!!!!!!! Meet Joggy:

the shelter named him Hunter but we're working on that name ;)

Joggy is a 1 year old (i'm thinking younger, maybe) lemon beagle. We found him online the night before, headed down to the shelter the day after, and fell in love with him. We don't know much about him yet but what we do know is that we visited the shelter thinking that he was a shy, mellow guy, but when we finally brought him home the day after, he was the complete opposite of that. (This was the case with Dumpling as well, so I think it's fair to conclude that the trickiest and naughtiest fur friends are the ones who behave the sweetest initially). We also know that he loves it when we play records, his favourite so far seems to be Best Coast's The Only Place. What an awesome guy.

Life with Joggy has looked a little like this lately:
 All set to go home!

 Bringing him home! Naturally, he was a little (very, actually) apprehensive about, well, everything throughout the car ride, I think car rides remind him of being abandoned (this is his fourth home).  There was  this really cute moment in the car when he got afraid so Jw hugged him and he put his head on Jw's shoulder. Too cute!! It was such a hugeee awww-moment.

We go on walks every day now! He likes walks. A lot. Sometimes a one hour walk isn't enough to tire him out, so we have to take two walks. He really loves fallen leaves, I am positive he's going to love giant leaf piles when fall comes.

 He also sleeps. A lot. I thought he was going to be shy the first couple of days, so when he hopped on the bed his first night here to (as I like calling it) co-sleep, I was surprised, and really, really happy that he felt comfortable enough to sleep that way. I guess I'm saving on leg warmers from now on.

 Joggy likes looking out for cars by the windowsill, too. He gets along really well with Jw. I think he likes him more than me, actually. He's stolen quite a fair bit of his laundry as well ;) let's just say that he's terribly good at shredding things.

Watching him never gets boring. I can always see the wheels in his Beagle brain turning and turning, he is trouble someway or another. He has chewed up a remote controller, drank out of the toilet and ripped the eyes out of every toy we've given him even! We are the most worried when he's silent because that's when he's up to no good.  Yesterday he chased a squirrel up a tree and we have never seen him run like that. He also seems to know what's the most expensive thing around at any given time, because that always seems to be what he chooses to destroy.

In spite of all that naughtiness...I love you, joggy! I waited two years for you. Who knew we'd end up with a clever little beagle boy? We've been very lucky lately– that face and that waggy tail he has when he finally sees me again after I leave him, even if it's just for a few seconds.. it's the best feeling in the world.  He's so perfect. Thanks again, universe. Uptop!

2 September 2014

Jw cooks: Mussels and Meatballs served over pasta.

We had leftover mussels from last night so Jw made lunch with them today! I woke up smelling something tomato-based so I knew lunch was going to be good. I just didn't expect it to be < - - t h i s - - > good.

Jw and I are very shall we say, instictive, cookers, (especially him!) so we don't really measure things when we cook. I'm usually able to give estimated measurements with my recipes but he doesn't really remember much for this one. According to him it's reaaaally simple to make, so here you find his really simple recipe (and simple it is. can you believe it). 

Mussels and Meatballs served over pasta

Olive oil 
Mussels, cleaned and boiled 
Meatballs (cooked)
1 Tomato, diced 
Tomato based pasta sauce
Half an onion, chopped 
Half a lemon (optional)
 Pasta (boiled) 

  1. Heat olive oil in a big pan.
  2. Add in a generous dollop of pasta sauce.
  3. When it bubbles, add the diced tomato and the onion in, stir.
  4. Put the mussels in, cook on medium heat for about 8 minutes, then simmer.
  5. Add in the meatballs, stir well.
  6. Serve over pasta. 
It was a rainy afternoon, so it definitely hit the right spot. Goodbye summer! Fall is my favourite season because it's not too cold and fall flavours are the best: pumpkin, cinnamon, and who can forget apple pie??? I'm going to make a HUGEEEE apple crumble one of these days and feed on it for as long as I can, mmhm.

Granville Island + More nesting

Hi guys! The past few days have been incredibly busy, as expected when moving. We went to get our stuff from storage and have been busy cleaning and doing heaps of laundry. Storage is not a clean place. I found so many bugs hiding in the boxes and so many dead ones stuck to the tape we used, I'm horrified.

I've started cooking again because we're surrounded by supermarkets now and there's a farmers market one block down every Sunday. We've also been exploring the neighbourhood a lot, and we're pretty happy with it. It's a little far from campus, so I'm not really looking forward to the long commute especially during winter, but we're close to everything else now! When we were looking for apartments we decided that we didn't want to live in Point Grey anymore because we'd tend to do things "around UBC". This year we're hoping to venture out more and properly explore Vancouver and just make good use of the time we have here.

On Thursday, Jw and I took the ultimate couples test of strength and endurance– you guessed it, we went to Ikea. (30 Rock explains it best in the Hey Baby What's Wrong episode. Also read here). We ended up getting everything we needed, except a shoe rack because that's what Ikea does, amirite. I spent a good lot of our time there being pushed about in a shopping cart and we left with frozen meatballs and cream sauce, so I would call that a fruitful trip.

We also went to Granville Island last week to celebrate another year of not trying to kill each other, ~haha jokes~, but really, another year with this man (!!) and also to just chill out after a stressful week of apartment hunting. I really like the public market in Granville Island and I always make it a point to get my seafood fix at Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe. When Jw and I go there, we HAVE to order their oysters and the seafood platter for two. It's all that we order, but sometimes I get greedy and get soup and calamari. I've been told that The Sandbar is the best place for oysters on Granville Island, but I love Tony's too much to sacrifice my lunch there in favour of trying something new.

 Allll by myselfffff here.... Jw wasn't feeling oysters that day.

The Seafood Platter!! Mussels, crab, fried oysters, fries, scallops, clams, cod, and some-kind-of-wonderful lemon butter sauce hidden beneath it all.

We took a walk through the public market!

.... And ended up leaving with humongous waffle cone gelato. I usually get a smoked salmon bagel and caramel apples when in the market. Just a PSA, you know. Thank me later.

There's no better place to enjoy your ice cream on a hot summer afternoon than by the pier!

Before we left, we visited the Hang Out Store on the island to look for something that would be great for our balcony. The hammocks are so well made and sturdy. I think it'd be super cool to go camping and tie one to a tree to sleep in!


And a couple of pictures documenting life lately:
 30 Rock, popcorn, and some japanese drink that tastes like melon ramune. When we went to Ikea that day I picked up new sheets and I am so pleased with them! It sounds silly but I've always liked and wanted Ikea bedsheets, so getting them the other day felt reaaaally satisfying. My mom never let me get them because of thread count and stuff, ja feel? I think about three years ago they had this print which I really liked, but never got. I was hoping that they'd still have it when we went there the other day, but I guess I joined the party too late. Its alright though. I live by my own house rules now, you guys.

Breakfast of late involves lucky charms and the windowsill.

The first meal I made in the new place was laksa, obviously. What else could it be? it was midnight and we had just finished 6 loads of laundry and we were exhausted. MSG had never been that delicious.

 Jw made gamjatang/감자탕 (pork bone stew)for dinner one night. So good. The next day I successfully made korean army stew!! It's actually pretty easy to make and we found a decent pre-made soup base. I forgot to take note of the brand but I will share next time! We really like the kitchen because the stove is amazing and the cooking time literally takes us half of what it used to take in our old place.

 Hard at work cooking something with mussels because that is my demand 

It's only two days into September but the weather knows that summer is over and it's started to rain. School starts tomorrow and I reaaaallly just want to stay in bed and start hibernating already. Can I do that? Please?