28 September 2014

A day at Jericho Beach!

Hi friends! I'm so sorry for taking a seemingly long break, but life has been good and busy and hey, I'm back with pictures and a backlog of posts. The weather this year has been lovely, fall has begun but it's still sunny and warm outside, and it has been perfect. Especially with a puppy in tow! We've been having so much fun exploring our (not so) new neighbourhood and the outdoors, and Joggy seems so much happier now, I really do hope he loves his life with us.

We spent our morning at Jericho Beach because I had a Longboat race (spoiler: my team got disqualified) so we thought it'd be nice if we brought Joggy along to soak up some sun and that lovely Vancity coastline. Before the pictures, please please please watch this video and tell me this isn't the happiest dog there was today. We finally let him stick his head out of the window during a car ride since he's always trying to climb out of the car. There was this moment where he just closed his eyes with the sun in his face and he had a doggy smile on with his ears flapping in the breeze. It was the sweetest thing and this fur mommy heart of mine just swelled up. We love you so much Joggy!

Hey, Montreal. Joggy told us that you don't have the ocean like we do here. He wants to say that he's happier on the west coast.

This was meant to be a nice family photo but Joggy decided to get the zoomies here and he ran around us in circles and our butts turned to the camera. I think it makes a pretty good team photo actually!

Best friends. 

There are wild bunnies in Jericho beach! They are the cutest and they live in the bushes near the sailing club. We had to leave eventually because Joggy's beagle superpowers were tingling and he started baying and he seemed like he was gearing up for a hunt.

 Joggy on the beach! I really don't think he has been on the beach before, because everything seemed new to him. He loved walking on sand, and got frightened by the tiniest of waves! He even saw seagulls for the first time and apparently while I was long boating, he got in the water before deciding that he didn't want to be a water dog today. Watching him learn about new things makes me so happy. He has the cutest curious expression on his face and his tail just starts to wag slightly.


Also, dog and hog are starting to get along! Joggy didn't really like being around Dumpling at first but he's been slowly warming up to him. We also discovered that like his brother, Dumpling loves poultry flavoured dog treats, and the two have been bonding over that.

Now I have 600 pages of Plato to get back to, and I've got a couple of recipes to post up and visuals from Europe to cover. Stick around! 

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