2 September 2014

Granville Island + More nesting

Hi guys! The past few days have been incredibly busy, as expected when moving. We went to get our stuff from storage and have been busy cleaning and doing heaps of laundry. Storage is not a clean place. I found so many bugs hiding in the boxes and so many dead ones stuck to the tape we used, I'm horrified.

I've started cooking again because we're surrounded by supermarkets now and there's a farmers market one block down every Sunday. We've also been exploring the neighbourhood a lot, and we're pretty happy with it. It's a little far from campus, so I'm not really looking forward to the long commute especially during winter, but we're close to everything else now! When we were looking for apartments we decided that we didn't want to live in Point Grey anymore because we'd tend to do things "around UBC". This year we're hoping to venture out more and properly explore Vancouver and just make good use of the time we have here.

On Thursday, Jw and I took the ultimate couples test of strength and endurance– you guessed it, we went to Ikea. (30 Rock explains it best in the Hey Baby What's Wrong episode. Also read here). We ended up getting everything we needed, except a shoe rack because that's what Ikea does, amirite. I spent a good lot of our time there being pushed about in a shopping cart and we left with frozen meatballs and cream sauce, so I would call that a fruitful trip.

We also went to Granville Island last week to celebrate another year of not trying to kill each other, ~haha jokes~, but really, another year with this man (!!) and also to just chill out after a stressful week of apartment hunting. I really like the public market in Granville Island and I always make it a point to get my seafood fix at Tony's Fish and Oyster Cafe. When Jw and I go there, we HAVE to order their oysters and the seafood platter for two. It's all that we order, but sometimes I get greedy and get soup and calamari. I've been told that The Sandbar is the best place for oysters on Granville Island, but I love Tony's too much to sacrifice my lunch there in favour of trying something new.

 Allll by myselfffff here.... Jw wasn't feeling oysters that day.

The Seafood Platter!! Mussels, crab, fried oysters, fries, scallops, clams, cod, and some-kind-of-wonderful lemon butter sauce hidden beneath it all.

We took a walk through the public market!

.... And ended up leaving with humongous waffle cone gelato. I usually get a smoked salmon bagel and caramel apples when in the market. Just a PSA, you know. Thank me later.

There's no better place to enjoy your ice cream on a hot summer afternoon than by the pier!

Before we left, we visited the Hang Out Store on the island to look for something that would be great for our balcony. The hammocks are so well made and sturdy. I think it'd be super cool to go camping and tie one to a tree to sleep in!


And a couple of pictures documenting life lately:
 30 Rock, popcorn, and some japanese drink that tastes like melon ramune. When we went to Ikea that day I picked up new sheets and I am so pleased with them! It sounds silly but I've always liked and wanted Ikea bedsheets, so getting them the other day felt reaaaally satisfying. My mom never let me get them because of thread count and stuff, ja feel? I think about three years ago they had this print which I really liked, but never got. I was hoping that they'd still have it when we went there the other day, but I guess I joined the party too late. Its alright though. I live by my own house rules now, you guys.

Breakfast of late involves lucky charms and the windowsill.

The first meal I made in the new place was laksa, obviously. What else could it be? it was midnight and we had just finished 6 loads of laundry and we were exhausted. MSG had never been that delicious.

 Jw made gamjatang/감자탕 (pork bone stew)for dinner one night. So good. The next day I successfully made korean army stew!! It's actually pretty easy to make and we found a decent pre-made soup base. I forgot to take note of the brand but I will share next time! We really like the kitchen because the stove is amazing and the cooking time literally takes us half of what it used to take in our old place.

 Hard at work cooking something with mussels because that is my demand 

It's only two days into September but the weather knows that summer is over and it's started to rain. School starts tomorrow and I reaaaallly just want to stay in bed and start hibernating already. Can I do that? Please?

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