8 September 2014

Life lately: Breakfast, and #joggythedoggy.

Breakfast done quick and easy: Sourdough, smoked salmon, avocado mashed with lime and black pepper.

And yes..... I guess I'm a fur mommy now
 Guyss!!!!!!!! Meet Joggy:

the shelter named him Hunter but we're working on that name ;)

Joggy is a 1 year old (i'm thinking younger, maybe) lemon beagle. We found him online the night before, headed down to the shelter the day after, and fell in love with him. We don't know much about him yet but what we do know is that we visited the shelter thinking that he was a shy, mellow guy, but when we finally brought him home the day after, he was the complete opposite of that. (This was the case with Dumpling as well, so I think it's fair to conclude that the trickiest and naughtiest fur friends are the ones who behave the sweetest initially). We also know that he loves it when we play records, his favourite so far seems to be Best Coast's The Only Place. What an awesome guy.

Life with Joggy has looked a little like this lately:
 All set to go home!

 Bringing him home! Naturally, he was a little (very, actually) apprehensive about, well, everything throughout the car ride, I think car rides remind him of being abandoned (this is his fourth home).  There was  this really cute moment in the car when he got afraid so Jw hugged him and he put his head on Jw's shoulder. Too cute!! It was such a hugeee awww-moment.

We go on walks every day now! He likes walks. A lot. Sometimes a one hour walk isn't enough to tire him out, so we have to take two walks. He really loves fallen leaves, I am positive he's going to love giant leaf piles when fall comes.

 He also sleeps. A lot. I thought he was going to be shy the first couple of days, so when he hopped on the bed his first night here to (as I like calling it) co-sleep, I was surprised, and really, really happy that he felt comfortable enough to sleep that way. I guess I'm saving on leg warmers from now on.

 Joggy likes looking out for cars by the windowsill, too. He gets along really well with Jw. I think he likes him more than me, actually. He's stolen quite a fair bit of his laundry as well ;) let's just say that he's terribly good at shredding things.

Watching him never gets boring. I can always see the wheels in his Beagle brain turning and turning, he is trouble someway or another. He has chewed up a remote controller, drank out of the toilet and ripped the eyes out of every toy we've given him even! We are the most worried when he's silent because that's when he's up to no good.  Yesterday he chased a squirrel up a tree and we have never seen him run like that. He also seems to know what's the most expensive thing around at any given time, because that always seems to be what he chooses to destroy.

In spite of all that naughtiness...I love you, joggy! I waited two years for you. Who knew we'd end up with a clever little beagle boy? We've been very lucky lately– that face and that waggy tail he has when he finally sees me again after I leave him, even if it's just for a few seconds.. it's the best feeling in the world.  He's so perfect. Thanks again, universe. Uptop!

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