27 October 2014


I finally have a bit of time to spare and I know I haven't been updating as often as I'd like to, unfortunately schoolwork consumes me and I recently started making music again for fun and it's mostly what I've been preoccupied with (along with rewatching 30 Rock) if I'm not doing school stuff. I've recently become a contributor for 604 Now, a website about everything that's happening in Vancouver and I'm pretty pleased about that as well.

We haven't been out exploring as much either because of the recent storms–there's one coming in tonight, apparently. To make matters worse, someone climbed into our porch /terrace area and made off with all of my shoes, leaving behind my beloved Havaianas (thank you for leaving them, they are my favouritest footwear in the world).. I just hope it was someone who really needed them because she was cold so then I wouldn't be this mad. Anyway due to my lack of shoes and the heavy rain, I wasn't able to head out to get a new pair so we spent most of our week indoors having lots of warm food.

You really can't go wrong with nutella and bananas.

What I'm excited for though, is halloween. People never really go trick-or-treating in Singapore so I never got to do that when I was a kid. Jw told me that in Texas he got two full baskets of candy that lasted him a month when he did that!! I'm too old to do that now but this year we're going to hand out candy to kids who come to our door so I'm going to get allllll sorts of candy. Especially screme eggs. halloween is about screme eggs and their alien goo coloured fillings. And sugar. (Last week at a halloween party we served a mountain dew / blueberry koolaid mixture with gummy worms floating on top AND twirler straws. if it wasn't a halloween party i don't think i'd have drank it if it was any other day.. that thing was 100% sugar).

I started writing this post because I felt a little bummed about life lately but this turned into another 'my daily life' kind of thing.. I guess i don't know how to write about it. The weather has got me feeling down. These days there's a looming sense of anxiousness stirring within me, i think part of it has got to do with winter approaching, but another part of it is different– my palms are always sweaty, i'm always feeling stressed out about things i shouldn't even be worrying about, and I feel homesick for places I've never called home...

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