17 October 2014

Life right now.

Fall is here! The days are getting shorter, I've been waking up to drizzle, and I've finally and am now precariously treading in Basic waters because I caved and tried a #PSL last week, and that's all I want these days. (For those of you who don't know, PSL is the reason why fall exists. PSL life is all about warming your hands with your coffee cup on your way to class. It is about standing in line and having the girl in front of you smell like PSL even before she orders her coffee because PSL runs in her veins and like you, she bleeds Pumpkin Spice Latte).  I can't really tell you where you can find the best pumpkin spice latte in Vancouver because all I do is support global coffee instead of local coffee. I.e. Starbucks.

As you know, I celebrated my birthday last week along with Joggy. We don't know when the exact date is, but we know he was born in October, so he got an extra special day (and lots of treats. Of course.) We got birthday hats and I got a sparkler candle even!! It was a sunny day, and I pet a cardigan welsh corgi (sorry Joggy), so that made things even better.

 The day after I went for The Drums, and during the set the people right in front of me got into a fight / brawl thing and I got shoved around a little. It obviously wasn't a good feeling but it also feels like, I can finally cross off 'saw a brawl' on an imaginary bucket list. I really hope I will never have to see one again though, I was really nervous the whole time. The opening band was Beverly, and their music was a little weird on stage because of the sound system, but I gave them a listen when I got home and I like them! One of my favourite tracks is All The Things.

Thanksgiving was a simple affair: I made pesto pasta with mussels, roast chicken, and garlic bread. We were planning on making turkey but went with chicken instead because we prefer it. Then we sat ourselves on the couch and spent the evening watching Pixar movies. There are a lot of things I should be thankful for, but I think the most important one is that I am incredibly lucky and thankful for my family– the little one I have here, and the one I miss in Singapore. 

This morning was chilly and Joggy was sleeping soundly as usual. I love watching him sleep.  I know I'm obsessed but he is seriously the most perfect pup to me! My fur mommy heart swells every time I think of him.  We had guests over that day and the moment I stepped into the house he ran to me and welcomed me for a good five minutes, before going on to meet his new friends. I think I've said it before but coming home to a waggy tail and an excited pup is really one of the best things in the world.

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