1 November 2014


Being raised in Singapore means that I never got to go trick or treating, which also means that, apart from having dressed up as a leopard every year since I turned 16, I have no knowledge of Halloween. This year, because we no longer live in the university, I thought I'd get to give out candy to kids and make them smile and say 'wow!!! Screme eggs are the best!!! This lady is awesome!!"

Yesterday, I went out and bought about 200 pieces of halloween candy, made candy bags and excitedly waited for kids to come and be impressed with my awesome treats (Besides Screme eggs, I also had, **but not limited to** Twix and Mars bars. Come on.). I even had to text a friend and ask what the acceptable amount of candy to give out was, and hung a skeleton on our gate.

Then evening rolled around, and I drew whiskers on my face, and I waited



... And not a single knock on our stretch.

At least I have half a years' worth of candy now.

Freckles to match. 

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