20 November 2014

Life lately: Little victories

It's 2am and I just remembered that my professor will be out of town tomorrow which means that I don't have to go to school!! Ah, unexpected victories.

Yesterday, Jw and I headed downtown and it was great because my goal was to just window shop and I did just that. I wanted to get a Hudson's Bay blanket so badly though, but then I figured it wasn't worth paying that much for a blanket that I probably wouldn't even use. I really wanted one just so I could wrap myself in it when we finally make it to the Rockies. In case you were wondering, I got this idea from Instagram–I follow wayyyyy too many PNW accounts.

Today I lazed around in blankets and slumber. By the time I got up, it was getting dark outside. I found Joggy at the foot of the bed and put my arm around him, and then he kind of did the same thing, but because dogs don't have elbows it just remained stiff and was not-very-cuddly but still-very-cuddly if you get what I mean.. kind of like a doggy hug. It was adorable.  Sometimes I wonder if I humanize my dog more than I should. On his walk, he met a lady beagle and we talked to the lady beagle's owner and bonded over things like "does your dog destroy everything in your house when you leave her alone?" and "does your dog like eating garbage as well?" It's a very special bond–the scared bond of heartache and watching your new shirt get destroyed.

For dinner I made salmon patties and butter and herb mashed potatoes, then I went to the store and picked up a block of pork belly because tomorrow I'm going to make siew yoke / roasted pork belly. I'm soooo excited!!

This post is about little victories I suppose– resisting the HBC blanket, meeting another beagle, and making dinner.. ha ha I'm just trying to think of a title for this

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