26 November 2014

Life lately: The procrastination edition

Tis the final week of this semester and I cannot believe I'm halfway (almost!) through third year. I have three essays due this week– on the 27th, 28th, and 29th.. and as usual, I put off writing them until the very last minute– in fact, i have about 24 hours til the first one's due and I have zero words as of now. This happens every semester and I tell myself that I'll do better the following year, but it never happens. I think I work best under pressure.. or I'm just really lazy. Or both. I just can't if it's school work.

Right now I am tucked away in bed with Joggy wrapped in my blanket cocoon. It has been a cold week and reports say that it's going to start snowing on Friday... I'm looking forward to waking up to a snow-filled patio that we can build a snowman in (and maybe have Joggy run through it eventually)

*muffled rap music in the background* 

I started this writing this as a way of getting out of reading my research paper sources, so there really isn't much to say except that I have been cooking and eating a lot the past week. Anything but work.

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