3 November 2014

'My role model is Tina Fey'.

So the other day I went for an interview and one of the first questions they asked me was who my role model was, and my answer was obviously Tina Fey. Because she's funny, smart, and watching 30 Rock (sorry.. i talk about this show a lot) at age 19 taught me that:

1. Yes. I can be funny
2. It is OK to love cheese.
3. Sometimes you watch TV shows and you end up drawing your political views from them and comedy may not be a serious thing but sometimes what you see on TV is right.
4. Perogies are really, really, good.

Other questions they asked were things like 'what are your strengths and weaknesses' and 'what kinds of ideas do you have to help better this position' >> i never feel comfortable with questions like these. I always feel like people be stealing ideas and such when I get asked this. I don't feel like the interview went well at all.

You know how after interviews you're always faced with regrets and how-could-i-have-done-that-betters? I walked away from this one chastising myself for going with just Tina Fey. How could I had forgotten about Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler? I kind of wished that I had gone with all three so they would have known how good my sense of humour was, and that I was a strong, independent woman with a warrior name like Beyonce Pad Thai.

I didn't get called back.

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