8 November 2014

Turning gloom to bloom

Decided to take a break from cooking so much Korean food this week (but I am proud to say that I make **the best** Kimchi jjigae) and made salmon burgers insteadРcombining salmon fillet, rosemary, onion, parsley, salt, pepper and soy sauce in a food processor. I also finally used worcestershire sauce in something that wasn't a caesar: saut̩ed vegetables. Mm.

Ever since daylight savings came to an end, my days have passed by quickly. Most days I just want to curl up in blankets and fuzzy socks and have soup all day. I guess it's a little bit of SAD and the fact that we have warm lights at home (the house isn't super bright because of this), but you can probably tell that I've been getting a little moodier as autumn progresses. The fact that it rains a lot around this time in Vancouver doesn't help as well. I find that keeping a hobby helps with this, though. On days where I lock myself inside because of this I like to keep myself busy by doing typical warm-fuzzy-feels things such as: cooking, curating my perfect life on Pinterest, and surrounding myself with comedy. I also spend a lot of time dreaming of our life in the next city we head to, so that keeps me preoccupied like, 30% of the time.

Before rainy November, it was an unusually warm October, so lots of mushrooms started popping up all around and I've taken an interest in them as well. On sunny days it's nice to head out and discover what's edible and what's not. Shrooms (and I mean the trippy Alice-in-Wonderland kind) started springing up around our neighbourhood as well! All I've learned is that they are highly poisonous and also native to Vancouver, and that shamans use them for tea and get visions.  They are nice to look at but we never get too close because we're always trying to keep Joggy away from them.

 Shaggy mane mushrooms.  These ones are edible (according to my mushroom identification app–but don't take my word for it) and are special because they started to dissolve the moment you pull them out of the ground. I walked by the next day and found that more of these had sprung up beside the ones you see here. The ones in the picture had indeed dissolved and turned black.

(still no luck with identifying these)

Yesterday was a good day because it was a sunny (okay, cloudy. Basically a bright day). We went to class and then walked around campus for a bit. Lots of squirrels were out as well, gathering acorns before they start hibernating. We saw so many scurrying across campus and there were a couple of squirrels chasing each other. It's really cute when you see one standing up with an acorn in its mouth.

Looking out at the mountains. One of my favourite views on campus (and also the money shot, duh. Why else would we have gone there? #ididitforinstagram)

They started tying swings to trees this year on campus and yesterday we found a double-swing. Wheeeeee. When we walked by later we saw a guy and his daughter swinging on it and it was the cutest thing...

Joggy making friends at daycare!  I got it off the daycares page. I'm sooooo happy that we've been slowly making progress addressing his socialization issues ^^ 

Happy weekend, everyone. 

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