6 November 2014

Why we rescue.

I know that I go on and on about Joggy in all my posts now... but.
This little doode started doggy daycare and has been making friends! As he was between homes previously, he hasn't been well socialized so we are working on that. Yay Joggy! In the words of the nice lady who runs the daycare: "he has not got a mean bone in his body".

Watching him experience new things just brings out allll the proud fur mama in me. I thought we were doing him a favour when we chose to adopt him but he has done so much more for us instead. He makes me laugh. A lot. The other day he pooped inside and he knew he was in trouble. I went to get paper towels and came back to find the poop gone, and a very pleased dog, licking his lips, as if to say "there's no mess now, so what are you going to do?'

Now if he'd only stop ruining every harness we get him...

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