17 November 2014

Winter is coming.

The temperatures here dipped without warning last week– we went from 11 to 0 degrees in a day. Because I don't live in America, I refer to this (like all my other measurements) in Celsius.  I stocked up on TV dinners and canned soup because winter is when I go into human-hibernation mode where I sleep in and wake up when the sun is about to set on most days. Like most animals I grow my fur out,    store my food (as mentioned above), and try and keep as warm as possible. I am a tropical creature by nature so my body isn't built for the cold. With every day of winter that passes, it means that I am a day closer to spring (and warmth!) My first winter here was pretty depressing and I was very, very homesick. It's gotten better since but winter is still something I don't really like especially because it's windy and rainy here. I do like it when snow falls though. I can't wait to experience it this year with little Joggy in tow.

Anyway, the first few days when it got really cold was a tough time for Joggy because for some reason he didn't grow his winter coat out (i think because the weather changed so suddenly, but also i'm not sure if beagles grow winter coats)... and we didn't have sweaters for him. He'd shiver sometimes while we brought him out on walks and at home he was always on the electric blanket. The nearest pet store didn't have anything his size in stock, so in the mean time, we improvised...

Today in doggy fashion.

We cut holes in our old tee shirts and layered him up in 2-3 of them. I felt so sorry for him but it was the best we could do while we searched for doggy sweaters.

He ended up getting hipster sweaters with scarfs to match.
This guy does not do winter, either.

 ... and we found a friendly campus squirrel!! Before he approached us, he had his tail over his head like a little umbrella. It was the cutest thing.

Stay warm, everyone.

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