10 December 2014

Crossing the river stax: Mini PB&J Hotcakes

This post isn't much of a recipe, but we've been cooped up indoors the last couple of days because of finals and the #BCStorm – apparently the tides are so high today that they're called 'king tides'.. something I've never heard of. Anyway. I woke up at 12 and thought it was 7am because it was just so. dark. out.. then I thought of heading to 49th to get myself a PB&J doughnut but my brain was like 'no, you want to stay at home and stay dry!' and so I did. Then Jw was like, 'do you want toast? I bought jam last night'.... and with Joggy's peanut buttered Kong on the floor, it all clicked. I was going to make PB&J doughnuts!! So anyway after research and stuff, it just seemed like sooo much work and because I didn't have a lot of required ingredients anyway, I just decided to make a PB&J stack because it would kind of feel like the PB&J would be nicely enveloped in some sort of pastry that way.

Such a good way to use the Morinaga hotcake mix at a Japanese supermarket a while ago, that I left sitting in my cupboard! What I like about Morinaga hotcakes is that they're fluffier and a little sweeter than most of the brands in the market. All I did was really just ladle up less of the mix to make tinier hotcakes. I also used low heat and greased the pan like crazy!
The skies have been so dark lately and there hasn't been ANY bright natural light around here.. hence the picture quality.

All you need is:
Pancake mix, peanut butter, butter, jam (or jelly!)

And then we put NSYNC and Britney on and sang and finished off our little mini pancake stacks. All was well. 2001 never forget


Oh, and because I must, here's Joggy the rabbit:

He's perfect.

Ps: In case anyone's wondering, Dumpling is still around, not forgotten.  He plays with Joggy often  and they usually play at night, when he's awake. They share turkey bits and when Dumpling has eaten his fill, he goes to hide amongst books. He is ageing though.. :(

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