8 December 2014

Happy birthday won won!

Today was Jw's birthday. (I wrote a post about our last adventure outdoors earlier, but it's now tucked away in my drafts because towards the end of it I went on a rant about how restless i've been feeling lately. I don't think anyone wants to read about that).

Anyway. Today Jw turned 23! We spent the day randomly yelling out 'Happy birthday Wonwon!" because we once watched a video of a fox on youtube and we've wanted one since. Have you seen their faces. Watch: Happy birthday Ronron!

I still don't know if he was posing for this photo or not. He says he wasn't, but he is looking in to the camera lens, so i don't know... 
Happy Birthday, Wookie. Life's been a lot of laughs (and a lot less manual labour) with you on board. 

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