12 December 2014

Holiday In: Movie marathon / film party for one (or two)

This week was yet another #BCStorm kind of week, so we spent a lot of time indoors. Which is why I'm writing this post right now–inspired by all the gift guides being put up on the blogs I follow, I too, will start a guide... about holidaying 'in', instead of gifting.

I'll probably get around to writing one about gifts soon, but a 'gifts for him' post is challenging because Jw literally wants nothing. Ever. Our birthdays and anniversaries are mostly like, "so what do you need?", or "here I got you this coat because I noticed that your old one was falling apart". So anyway, 'Holiday In' serves as a guide for whoever loves their home more than they love shopping, or whoever likes being a homebody all throughout the festive season, or throughout the year even.

Today's Holiday In will be about throwing a movie night/ film party for yourself (or your little family). Usually I have moods and they kind of set the tone for the type of movies I want to watch. Some nights it's a Madagascar marathon, other nights I do Mean Girls and Legally Blonde and the likes back to back. (Last night we had a Kill Bill party and I did not enjoy it).

Sometimes I like watching movies that were filmed somewhere I know.. just like, the ones filmed around Vancouver (can't wait for The Interview!) and in UBC (The Butterfly Effect,Wolverine, cough, 50 Shades of Gray) just because i get to feel excited for 5 seconds when they show a corner of a building or a bush. You know, something I can touch the next time I walk by, and be like "Hugh Jackman stepped on this"

When I know what I want to watch I then decide how I'm going to watch it. If I'm in an animated movie kind of mood I usually like to build a fort using the sofa and chairs (easy instructions here), with down feather pillows as my choice of butt comfort. Sometimes it's a TV and sofa night (usually when we decide to order pizza).. you know. Things like that. It's extra effort sometimes, but the fun of watching a movie from your own blanket fort / teepee is what makes this a party!!!! You can even turn off the lights and use an astrostar light projector to set the mood. Perfect if you're celebrating something indoors.

Movie? Check.
Buttrest of choice?  Check.

Let's move on to big-kid decisions.

F O O D 

The microwave here is the most well used on movie nights. We make things like popcorn, KD, cheeseburger sliders and nachos. Sometimes, Shoppers has Dr Oetker pizza on sale (3.99!!!!!!) so we pop that in the oven. But I'm not here to tell you how to manage your movie night food. I'm here to show you how to make them even better (and unhealthier, I suppose).
1. Macaroni and cheese popcorn – One time, I microwaved mac & cheese, then microwaved popcorn (to eat after) and thought: "what if I mixed the two together?" the first five shovelfuls were great. Then it got weird and gooey and crispy and kernels got stuck in my teeth. So now, I just microwave popcorn, and pour in half a sachet of KD cheese powder and mix. (I cook half of the macaroni after, because i've only got half the cheese left). Also, this only works with stove top KD, because the microwavable pasta doesn't really boil in water.
2. Bacon bits and vegemite popcorn – If you're lucky enough to have access to Vegemite (it's tough here in the great white north), mix bacon bits in a spoonful of vegemite and spread it on your popcorn! Top with more bacon bits. My friend told me about this and it's the best. I love vegemite.
3. Mozzarella sticks with nacho cheese – Pop your mozzarella sticks in the oven. When you take the tray out to flip the sticks over, pour the nacho cheese over the sticks and resume baking.
3. Oreo cookies smeared with cookie butter – Cookie butter smeared on oreo cookies.

1. Pick your movie
2. Build a fort / get blankets / get in bed
3. Stock up on food

And you're good to go.

If this post has inspired you to go have a movie marathon tonight, great!
Here are some of my favourite films that you might like:
1. Harold and Maude
2. Napoleon Dynamite – Lahfawwwwnda.
3. Little Miss Sunshine
4. Breathless (Godard)
5. Fireworks Wednesday – This is an Iranian film, so make sure you get subtitles with it! I really liked the symbolism used, and I really like how the film pieces itself together towards the end.
6. Away We Go
7. Legally Blonde
8. Bridget Jones 
9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 
10. Scott Pilgrim vs The World 
11. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist 
12. I Heart Huckabees (ps if you don't get this film you don't get life). 
13. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 
14. Sleepless in Seattle 

Ps: Just to be transparent and stuff, this is where I let you know that I used Amazon affiliate links in this post.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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