18 December 2014

The best things in life are free.

Hello! Today was an incredibly shitty day. I failed a course last week (honestly, I did try to study but most of my failure is through no fault of my own.. or so I want to believe) and tried to dispute it, etc etc but today UBC came back and told me they wouldn't accommodate my learning disability because I didn't send in an excuse on time.. when I seriously had no idea that there was an option for students to apply for credit / D / F grading because back in first year my then-advisor had told me it was irrelevant. ???????? Who needs science anyway? I'm freaking out because this grade lowers my GPA for this semester significantly and stuff like that. On the other hand I kind of want to believe everyone who says that grades don't matter but I tend to think the worst of situations, so. Hopefully my writing gets me somewhere one day.

I'm going to try and forget about this. Jw bought me Minecraft to keep me busy, so while that's being downloaded I'm going to talk about other things, like forests, and cosmetics, so keep reading if you're into that.

My days have mostly been forest walking, which is great and you probably already know that I love it because I'm always gushing about the trees or the mountains somewhere on the internet.
The smell of fresh air and treading on earth beneath my feet are perfect. And it's always nice to look up and see that the trees are towering above me. Keeps me in check. I want to live in the woods some day. Lately, all I've been wanting to do is to live in a van for a year as I travel across the PNW. Montana looks amazing and so does the Cascades.  In the mean time, good days, bad days... I'll always take comfort in these trees. And my boys:

 A few weeks ago we cycled round the shore.  I was feeling so down and restless that day, and I really wanted to go outdoors.. and this guy was like, "let's go".  It was so chilly that day and we ended up with fevers later that night but I'm so glad we headed out. I really needed that.

 Snow and woods. Beeeeautiful.
 A couple of friends we made at Lost Lagoon.

 Joggy peering out at a brook. He's never really been outdoors so he's always learning new things on our hikes. We tried to get him to try stream water (it's clean!) but I guess he's not a water dog. He loved this trail. On our walk we went past many big dogs and he never once charged or barked at them! He used to do this a lot with big dogs when we first got him. I'm so glad his socialization skills are getting better, it was really nice watching him play with a labradoodle in the forest. The labradoodle then proceeded to mark a tree and Joggy watched with great interest. It was hilarious. I love this little dude.

 C o m f o r t

In addition to forest walking, my new obsession is LUSH cosmetics. I've tried my best to avoid Lush for the longest time because I've always likened them to something that would fit in with the ~quinoa rage~ or the whole detox water thing, and in a way it is still a little true... but I bought myself a couple of bath bombs and bubble bars the other day and can I say I'm H-O-O-K-E-D. I've also been using their toothy tabs and I love it– it feels / tastes exactly like the enzyme toothpaste Jw's mom got us from Korea, but at a fraction of the price. Fluoride is something I really try not to consume because a few years ago I read that toothpaste (and fluoride!) actually makes you a little less smarter when you ingest it, and I've always been so paranoid about that, I always ALWAYS rinse my mouth extra to ensure I don't get any dafter. So yay toothy tabs! Jw and I love it.

But let me talk about their bubble bars and bath bombs. I love them. I love them. They never turn out as pretty as the pictures I see on Instagram (and trust me, last night I went to LUSH and asked them for the pinkiest bath bomb they ever did had...) but they smell so good and, while I haven't had any rainbows yet, coloured bath water is still prettier than regular bath water I guess. My favourite ones are Granny Takes a Dip and Sex Bomb! They are also so pricey so I'll save them for special occasions or something. And the buuuuubble bars are ace. They're also more practical than the bath bombs (in my opinion) because one bubble bar can last you 3-4 times, while the bath bomb disappears just. like. that. The bathroom smells heavenlyyyy!!! I can't wait to go back and pick up more stuff.

The best things in life are free... but I guess it's okay to spend a little bit on myself sometimes?

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