30 December 2014

Wrapping up 2014

2015 is a day away (!!!) and it sure doesn't feel like it yet. The days right after Christmas tend to involve a lot of counting down to the next year for me, but this year it really feels like I've got a couple more months to go before January.  I guess it's time to do my yearly reflection post–I used to do this on all my previous blogs.

2014 was a good year. I guess everyone else will look back at the year and like me, will say that they grew, and learned to be better..but I really, really felt like I accomplished a lot in 2014 and had tons of opportunities to figure things out. Towards the end of this year I started slipping into a bit of restlessness and anxiousness.. hopefully things get better soon!

This year.... 

I learned to live happier and healthier, and tried to adopt a more calming / positive mindset, especially through my studies of Buddhism / Taoism. I really hope it stays this way (or that it gets even better!) One thing I've learned in the past couple of years (and am still trying to keep this in mind) is to be thankful for even the littlest of things. Another thing to always remember is to always look at things from a different perspective, especially when it involves people who seem mean.. you never know what someone has actually gone through. This one is tough to always keep in check, especially when daily life involves a lot of social interaction sometimes. This is one thing to improve on!

Another thing I started doing this year was journaling. There's definitely a lot more ways I can actively do this, but somehow journaling became very personal / creative / reflective this year compared to chronicling emotions previously.. it's been a good way to keep me in check / organize my goals, and live with less greed.

Jw flew to Singapore in the summer to visit my family and to take on an internship.  I thought I would do the same, but ended up having to cancel my flight to Korea month before the trip.. next summer perhaps?

... and then we went to Hong Kong with my family!

I grew closer to my family over the summer, and bonded a lot with my mom.

I got to see one of my bestest friends, Mel. She studies in Australia so our school breaks clash most of the time, so having the opportunity to meet her after almost one and a half years was much needed!

I learned more about myself through the internships I took up, and figured the future out a little bit more.

We visited more forests and mountains than ever this year, and I hope we continue to do this in the coming year!

We moved into a new place and welcomed Joggy into our family! He is the best thing that has happened to us all year. I'm so glad that Jw and him get along, they behave like one another. Joggy has helped me learn a lot about myself as well. I really don't want to sound psychotic and obsessed here but he has also made me think a lot about parenting and what kind of mom I hope to be. On a side note, I also learned A LOT about house hunting and how to deal with awful and racist people (sorry, this just had to be said).

I came up with more recipes than ever! Hopefully this continues in 2015 as well :)

One of my favourite memories this year was when it suddenly started snowing in March–Jw and I dismantled a chair at home, so we could use it to go sledding down a slope near our place. The joy of feeling like a kid again and laughing all the way home was unforgettable. That's basically how he makes me feel.

Overall, a great year, so 2015, you've got big shoes to fill!  Happy new year to all of you, and have a great year ahead.

(Ps: If anyone wants to know what my most played Youtube video of the year is.... it's Anaconda. I'm sorry.) 

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