1 January 2015

The New Year

Happy New Year!
I am currently watching Joggy (who got himself tangled UNDER the bedsheets), trying to figure out what the force that's holding him back is. Hello, elastic garters. Today on his walk he tried to eat fresh poop that a French Bulldog left behind, and then for the first time ever, he lifted his leg and peed to mark a tree. To which Jw commented, "I guess he's not a puppy anymore".  I felt a little sad when I heard that. Just keep your puppy face, okay Joggy? It's what keeps you out of trouble.

We kickstarted the year with a sleepless night, because our neighbour threw a rager that went on until 12PM this afternoon. The walls here are pretty sound proof, so just imagine how loud it must have been to allow a continuous 15 hour bass-line.

Our first meal of 2015 was dduk guk–Korean rice cake soup / good luck soup.

And that's how 2015 welcomed us.

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