7 February 2015

New changes.

Hi all! It has been one busy week, but my lifestyle has changed drastically – cue awe and shock and laughter... I want to say I've cut drinking coke, but I've replaced that with consuming grape soda instead. I've been eating a sickening amount of kale, I have one serving of kale-something every day.. today I had kale and yam. Yesterday it was kale, broccoli, and cashews. Before this, the only thing I knew about kale was that it was on Beyonce's sweater in the 711 video. I've also been having a lot of miso. Then again, these drastic lifestyle changes have occurred over the course of a week, so who knows what next week will bring?

Some pictures from week in the new neighbourhood (I've included a ton of pictures of Joggy, just because he walks everywhere with us and I am obsessed with him. Major life changes for Joggy include having to wear a dog pheromone collar, and now, instead of sniffing the ground on walks, he looks up at trees for squirrels. The past week has also taught him, if anything, that there is no point wasting his energy chasing after wild bunnies or ducks because he is always on leash.)

Some guy's awesome car. 

We've been having a rainy week, so he spends a lot of mornings stealing the blanket and wrapping himself in it. 

Duck watching for us, duck-hunting for him. 

Jw and I think that if it snowed, this slope would be perfect to sled down on!!

Visited Great Dane Coffee yesterday! It was the lunch crowd (think a longgggg line), but the barista gave me a smiley face on my coffee and it made me feel special, because my friends got regular boring coffee-circles on theirs. I went on to their Instagram and saw that lots of people got pandas and flowers and pretty latte art so then I felt a little less special. Still, I appreciate the gesture– a smiley in a sea of boring circles is still something! 

We sat outside and this squirrel approached us (and everyone in the vicinity), hoping to get a piece of our food. He hopped on tables, and jumped on chairs, but he was a very clumsy squirrel– we saw him fall a couple of times. Then he stole a girls sandwich and everyone didn't find him cute anymore.. :( he came back five minutes after, and i think he went off to hide the food, but Jw tells me that squirrels always forget where they hide things! I hope he remembers where he hid it before it gets mouldy.

We got 2 tables from the 1920s. This is one of them... the little ones use it as their playground. 

Joggy uses it as a headrest sometimes. 

Hiiii Dumpling!!I can't wait til summer so he can head outside to play, it's too cold outside for him right now so he can't come out on adventures and walks with us. In the mean time, he enjoys a lot of watermelon and chicken bits while waiting for the sun to shine. 

The first wild bunny we saw! We've seen many since, and I've stopped approaching them because they get scared really easily. Sometimes they appear on the beach and are less afraid of humans. 

That's mostly what we've been up to– now I have to get back to making my soup. Change kind of means having to fit in soup with 7 different kinds of vegetables as well (with kale, of course.)

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